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The 5 Sides of Intimacy.

5 sides of intimacy

Intimacy, a vital factor in the success of a marriage, isn't just about getting physical.

Here’s what a man had to say in the first year of his relationship."I'll never understand women," he told me after the meeting. "My wife thinks we need more intimacy. She says we aren't as close as we used to be. I don't know what she's talking about. I thought we had a good marriage."

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Early or Late Marriage?


What would you Desire More - Early or Late Marriage?

Early or Late Marriage Montaigne says in his Essays, that “a good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband.” In such humor is truth. She does not see his faults and he is spared her sharp tongue. Unfortunately for the state of marriage for many people, such knowledge comes too late. That is why late marriage is more desirable. Late can mean several things but here we ascribe to the view meaning maturity and not marriage at old age.
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Love Marriage & Arranged Marriage…..in IT terminology

Love Marriage Resembles procedural programming language. We have some set functions like flirting, going to movie together, making long conversations on phone and then try to fit all functions to the candidate we like. Similar to objec oriented programming approach. We first fix the candidate and then try to implement...
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