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Obama to host credit-card CEOs, pledges new rules

Pedestrians walk past credit cards signs on a deli doorway in New York. President Barack Obama will tell US credit card industry chieftains he will push for more regulation to shield consumers from unfair fees, punitive interest rates and predatory lending WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama, appealing to mainstream consumers, is pushing for more legal protection for the millions of Americans who use credit cards. Obama was meeting with leaders of the credit-card industry Thursday, and he's already backing tougher legislation. "The president believes new rules of the road for the credit card industry are needed," Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett said ahead of the president's planned session at the White House with executives from the nation's top credit-card companies.
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Americans high on Obama, direction of US.

Barack Obama
WASHINGTON – For the first time in years, more Americans than not say the country is headed in the right direction, a sign that Barack Obama has used the first 100 days of his presidency to lift the public's mood and inspire hopes for a brighter future. Intensely worried about their personal finances and medical expenses, Americans nonetheless appear realistic about the time Obama might need to turn things around, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll. It shows most Americans consider their new president to be a strong, ethical and empathetic leader who is working to change Washington. Nobody knows how long the honeymoon will last, but Obama has clearly transformed the yes-we-can spirit of his candidacy into a tool of governance. His ability to inspire confidence — Obama's second book is titled "The Audacity of Hope" — has thus far buffered the president against the harsh political realities of two wars, a global economic meltdown and countless domestic challenges.
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Meet Bo, The Obamas’ New Dog

The Obamas' New Dog The country’s faltering economy? Piracy at high seas? Concerns about terrorism? Nay, the biggest story in Washington DC these past couple of days revolve around a dog. But not just any dog: he’s Bo, the cute Obama dog!
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