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Divinely Designed Churches.

Las Lajas Cathedral

Las Lajas Cathedral (Image Credit: Jungle_Boy (Flickr))
Las Lajas Cathedral (Image Credit: Jungle_Boy (Flickr)
Las Lajas Cathedral, side view from the bottom (Image Credit: julkastro (Flickr))
Las Lajas Cathedral, side view from the bottom (Image Credit: julkastro (Flickr)


The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Las Lajas, or the Las Lajas Cathedral [wiki] in Colombia, was built in 1916 on a site where, according to local legend, the Virgin Mary appeared. The story goes like this: an Indian woman named María Mueses de Quiñones was carrying her deaf-mute daughter Rosa on her back near Las Lajas (“The Rocks”). Weary of the climb, the María sat down on a rock when Rosa spoke (for the first time) about an apparition in a cave.

Later on, a mysterious painting of the Virgin Mary carrying a baby was discovered on the wall of the cave. Supposedly, studies of the painting showed no proof of paint or pigments on the rock – instead, when a core sample was taken, it was found that the colors were impregnated in the rock itself to a depth of several feet.

Whether true or not, the legend spurred the building of a gothic church worthy of a fairy tale.

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