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Miley Cyrus's father approves of pole dance at Teen Choice Awards

Billy Ray Cyrus, the father of Miley Cyrus, who plays Hannah Montana, has defended her pole-dancing act at the Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles.
-By Amy Willis

Miley Cyrus's father approves of pole dance
Miley Cyrus's father approves of pole dance

Miley Cyrus’s raunchy dance routine at the Teen Choice Awards raised a few eyebrows but her father Billy Ray says he approves of her behaviour.
The 16-year-old Hannah Montana star cavorted around a stripper pole during a performance of her song Party In The USA earlier this month.
Country singer Billy Ray Cyrus defended his daughter saying her moves were all good, clean fun.
He said: “You know what? I just think that Miley loves entertaining people. She loves singing and songwriting. I always tell her to love what you’re doing and stay focused for the love of the art and not worry so much about opinion.
“I give my kids a lot of freedom to make the art they want to make and make it in their own voice. I think it’s important.”
And it seems Billy Ray applies the same rules to his nine-year-old daughter Noah, who was recently photographed in a short frilly skirt posing with a pole at a party.


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