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Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking
Quit Smoking

Smoking is among the most difficult habits to overcome. If you are a smoker who has tested almost everything to stop smoking, herbs could be a better solution to your problem. Prescription smoking cessation medications can come with some serious side effects, and over the counter patches include nicotine to help you stop.This a good reason why today’s smokers are choosing natural herbs to quit smoking cigarettes.
Tobacco isn’t addictive it is the nicotine they add to it that makes cigarettes addictive. Most stop smoking products, whether a patch, a pill, a spray or gum, are simply a different nicotine delivery system. The idea is to get you to quite smoking and then slowly wean you off of the nicotine later. Smoke Deter works in exactly this way it provides you with nicotine through a spray to help you quit smoking.
This where most stop smoking aids will fail you. Addressing your nicotine addiction is the easy part, yet that is where the popular stop smoking aids work. Patches and nicotine gums gradually wean you off the stuff. Pills that are really renamed anti-depressants are meant to keep you calm while you go through withdrawal. Most anti-smoking devices are merely crutches to replace your cigarettes until you’re able to stand on your own. And that’s where the issues really start.
Finding an easy way to quit smoking is tough because the failure rate for any one try to quit smoking is more than 95%. Even though this statistic does not give the impression of being promising, there are reasons why so many people fail.
Now, even though you might have been unsuccessful in more than a few attempts to stop, you are eager to attempt to break the nicotine dependency again. Not only that, but, you’re still looking to find an easy way to quit smoking.
Sign up with a group. You’ve probably tried to give up smoking by yourself. Perhaps a few times. It is a real struggle, particularly without encouragement. Accordingly, go in with a group of people who are sharing your battle. Chances are you’ll find a community group or a group at your workplace. There are more formal groups you are able to join like Nicotine Anonymous.
Avail yourself of nicotine replacement therapy. You already understand that nicotine is addicting. This in simple terms means that you notice withdrawal symptoms whenever you stop using nicotine. To reduce such symptoms you have to provide your body with nicotine and slowly but surely reduce your daily dose to help you keep any symptoms at tolerable levels.
Try craving reducers. Cravings are caused by changes within your brain brought on by years of nicotine use. Your brain now depends on nicotine to generate pleasurable feelings. It is possible to reduce nicotine cravings by substituting a different product, like Zyban, that helps give you pleasant feelings. In addition, a lot of people use “mind over matter” methods like hypnosis, self-hypnosis, or meditation to sidetrack your thoughts away from your cravings.
Cigarettes contain one of chemicals called nicotine, and this substance has specific receptors in the brain to where it attaches itself. Once a person smokes, the nicotine will move up and directly attach to the brain receptors. This attachment cause severe changes in how the brain of the person works. It causes the person to relax and feel a blissful emotion.
When a person makes use of stop smoking pills to aid in his smoking cessation program, these pills will mimic how nicotine works in the brain. These pills act just like how nicotine does in the body and brain of the smoker. In the absence of nicotine, the pills will first attach itself to the receptors. Yet, even though it was not nicotine that took its place on the receptors, the brain will be given information that it is receiving sufficient dose of nicotine. Obviously, the brain was fooled by the pills used to help someone smoking. Still, the person would feel happy and relaxed.
Although nicotine and pills work similarly, the two have a big difference between them. It is because stop smoking pills are not addictive as opposed to nicotine, which produces lifelong damaging habit. The person will feel relaxed after receiving the right dose of pills and later on become independent from the pills. One day, he will think he no longer needs the pill and consequently, nicotine.
You might want to consider hypnotherapy as a way of quitting smoking. There are reports of success after only one or two sessions, although many people need more. It seems to be an effective method of removing the habit of smoking and may be worth a try.
The other way is to go cold turkey where you decide on a day to quit and on that day you cut out all cigarettes. Going cold turkey can be a drastic way to do it but it does work for some people and not others. If you are a heavy long term smoker the impact of the immediate withdrawal of nicotine can produce many unpleasant side effects that will test your physical and mental reserves.


  1. To stop smoking, you eventually have to get off the nicotine, and withdrawal from nicotine can be EXTREMELY unpleasant. It’s the one thing that causes even the most committed “quitters” to relapse. That’s what makes the Smoke Rx formulation so unique. Researchers have discovered a way to combine the all-natural properties of a unique variety of tried-and-true herbal formulas and a unique aromatherapy protocol to naturally support your body’s release of the need for nicotine and naturally assist your own efforts to quit smoking.* With this four part system of herbal support and aromatherapy liquid, you get the support you need to help you break the habitual cycle! The four formulas are precisely fortified with a variety of natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals.


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