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Salma Hayek over 40 still stunning.

Looking eternally young is every woman’s Holy Grail. For those of us who want to look young forever, there are many products and therapies that can help. The basis of anti-ageing includes the following: detoxification, therapies for body and skin and rejuvenating nutrition and skincare. All these steps are most essential for slowing down the ageing process, because without detoxification the other two treatments do not work.

Ageing takes place due to many processes happening in our bodies. The first is a person’s genetic clock: deficiencies created over time deprive the cells in our bodies of essential nutrition and they begin to die out earlier or they begin to underperform, leading to ageing.
Hormones really do contain the essence of life – in control of growth and cell activity hormones play a major role in the process of aging and in the anti aging battle.
Free radicals are a major cause of ageing; the oxidative damage caused has an effect both internally and externally. Everyday we are bombarded by free radicals from chemicals, pollution (including the heavy metals we breath in), ultraviolet light and even the body’s normal metabolic processes. However, these excess free radicals can be ‘mopped up’ by antioxidants, reducing oxidation and therefore reducing the signs of ageing and keeping the body cleansed.
The areas of the body that first begin to reflect signs of ageing are high-exposure or high-function areas like the skin (especially the skin on the face and hands), hair, muscles and the functioning of the liver.
Think back to your youth – you probably felt at your best when you were in your early twenties. Hormone levels were at their peak so your body was able to send messages easily in response to any damage to cells.
Cell repair was lightening fast – your skin was supple and your body firm. As we go through life, the build-up of toxins in the body and the effects of stress on one’s system accelerate ageing. Early graying of hair, loose muscles, dry and pigmented skin, weak bones and low reserves of energy make their presence felt. Ageing depends on one’s genes, environmental stress and proper nutrition. Since we cannot change our genes, anyone looking to reverse the ageing process must focus on lowering stress levels, improving nutrition and altering one’s lifestyle.
Detox is a word that has been used a lot recently, as an anti-cellulite treatment, for celebrity buzz or as part of a high profile rehab process. But, as a process it’s been happening within our bodies for thousands of years. Short for detoxification, detox means the removal of toxins from the body. Detoxification is the first and most important step because before beginning any rejuvenation programme, one has to remove all existing toxins from one’s system.
We build these toxins up within us just from everyday living, breathing in pollution, smoking the food we eat and drinking alcohol. Toxins are accumulated in a person’s body over a period of time. The many chemicals we consume over a period of time begin to slow down the super cleaner of the body – the liver. As the liver slows down, typical symptoms begin to appear: baggy eyes, skin pigmentation, loose skin, reduced facial glow, water retention, cellulite and fluctuations in energy levels.
Cleaning out the liver involves following a particular diet plan along with certain body therapies. The eating plan rests the liver while simultaneously nourishing it. The therapies give the skin an opportunity to flush out toxins (the skin is one of the largest organs of excretion), while the kidneys assist the process by eliminating toxins via the route of urine. The intestines also assist in flushing out toxins.

Anti-aging beauty secrets From Celebrities over 40:

Salma Hayek
Color Therapy: The Mexican-born actress prefers to dress in shades that aren’t too simple. “I identify with enigmatic colors,” she says. “I don’t want to be blue, I don’t want to be green. I just want to be myself.” Color us puzzled.
Nicole Kidman
On a Safe Skin Mission: The Australian actress, who once had skin cancer on her leg, has diligently kept her porcelain skin safe from sun damage. “It is the worst thing in terms of aging, so I wear a lot of sunscreen, and I never go in the sun,” she reveals. So, how has she not gotten a gig playing a vampire yet? When it comes to her long locks, Kidman prefers cleansing in her favorite drinks. “If you’ve got red hair, try washing it in cranberry juice,” she says. “And, if you’re blonde, a champagne rinse can work wonders.”
Halle Berry
Morning Routine: The star uses triple fruit acid cleaners to exfoliate her skin and rubs pure Vitamin C on her face, all before moisturizing. Delicious. “Looking good is about having a good base,” she says. “It’s about taking care of your skin.”
Naomi Watts
Return to Nature: The Australian actress (she’s BFF with Kidman — they roll in packs) tries to get out and relax. “I love being outside with trees and water, lying down somewhere or walking,” she says. “I do transcendental meditation, which keeps me calm and steady.” The zenned-out star drinks plenty of water and gets a facial every six to eight weeks. Otherwise, the natural blonde tries to stay … natural. “My mom always said, ‘Don’t dye your hair. It’s like getting tattoos — once you start, you won’t stop,'” Watts confides. “She’s right!”
Diane Lane
Being Flexible: The actress — who routinely arrives at events sans makeup (the horror!) — loves the stretching involved in yoga workouts. “I do it whenever I can,” she says. “Flexibility is probably more important to me than strength or stamina. You also have to be flexible in your own life.”  The star has undergone acupuncture facelifts, in which ultra-fine needles are inserted in the face to reduce sagging, make skin more resilient, and remove laugh lines.



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