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The Top 20 Reasons Not to Move to Dubai (in no particular order!)


Living in Dubai is not wonderful and glamorous, as many would have you believe.  Forget about what you’ve read, seen, and heard; those shiny buildings and manmade islands are all just smoke and mirrors.  There are so many things wrong with this place that I have decided to compile a list, a must read if you are considering a potential move to Dubai.

1. There is no standard address system making mail-to-the door delivery impossible.  In fact, it makes anything nearly impossible.  The taxi driver, here for only two days, and having learned English from old Beatles albums has no clue where your house is.  He won’t tell you that of course, he’ll just keep calling and saying, “Okay, okay.  Yeah, yeah.”  When you purchase something that requires delivery they do not have an address line, but a box where you are expected to draw a map.  Not able to draw a map?  Explain like this: I live on the street after the airport road, but before the roundabout.  Go past the mosque and make a U-turn.

2. The government blocks all web sites that it deems “offensive” to the “religious, moral, and cultural values” of the UAE.  That’s hard to swallow for a freedom loving American, but I get it.  I do not understand, however, why all VOIP access and related web sites are blocked.  I guess the government also takes offense to people inexpensively contacting their families back home.  You’re welcome to call using the analog service provided by the government-owned telephone monopoly, but it will cost you a whole lot more.  So much so, in fact, your frequency of calls will be greatly diminished if you can afford them at all.  The government says VOIP is blocked for security reasons, yet even the residents of communist China and North Korea have access to these inexpensive calls.

3. It is really hot outside.  Not Florida in July hot; Hot as if you were locked in a car in Florida in July with sufficient humidity to make it feel as though you are drowning.  Hot as in 120 degrees with nearly 100% humidity.  Do not look to the wind for relief.  This is the equivalent of pointing a hairdryer on full blast directly at your face.  Pour fine moon dust-like sand over your head as you do this and you get the picture.

4. There are too few trees, plants, and grass – or living things aside from us crazy humans, for that matter.  Ever see a bird pant?  I have.  In my opinion, human beings were not meant to live in such a place.  If we were, there would be sufficient water and shade.  The only greenery around are the roadside gardens planted by the government, who waters the hell out of them in the middle of the day.  Thanks a lot!  Didn’t you say we should cut down on our water consumption because you are unable to keep up with the demand?  I have an idea: let’s all move someplace where it’s not 120 degrees outside.

5. This country prides itself so much on its glitz and glamour that it put a picture of its 7-star hotel on the license plate. Yet, the public toilets in the king-of-bling Gold Souk district are holes in the ground with no toilet paper or soap.  Hoses to rinse your nether regions, however, are provided.  This results in a mass of water on the floor that you must stand in to pee.  Try squatting without touching anything and keeping your pants from touching anything either.  Oh yeah.  It’s 120 degrees in there too.

6. This country encourages businesses to hire people from other poor countries to come here and work.  They have them sign contracts that are a decade long and then take their passports.  Even though taking passports is supposedly illegal, the government knows it happens and does nothing to enforce the law. These poor people are promised a certain pay, but the companies neglect to tell them they will be deducting their cost of living from their paychecks, leaving them virtually penniless – that is, if they choose to pay them.  Companies hold back paychecks for months at a time.  When the workers strike as a result, they are jailed.  Protesting is illegal, you see (apparently this law IS enforced). These people will never make enough to buy a ticket home and even if they do, they do not have their passports.  They live crammed in portables with tons of others, in highly unsanitary conditions.  The kicker: they are building hotels that cost more to stay in for one night than they will make in an entire year.  Things are so bad that a number of laborers are willing to throw themselves in front of cars because their death would bring their family affluence in the form of diya, blood money paid to the victim’s family as mandated by the government.

7. Things are not cheaper here.  I’m sick of people saying that.  I read the letters to the editor page of the paper and people say to those who complain about the cost of living rising here, “Well, it’s cheaper than your home country or you wouldn’t be here.”    The only thing cheaper here is labor.  Yes, you can have a maid – but a bag of washed lettuce  will cost you almost $10.

8. There are traffic cameras everywhere.  I consider this cheating.  Where are the damn cops?  I drove around this city for weeks before I ever even saw a cop.  Trust me, they need traffic cops here.  People drive like idiots. It’s perfectly okay to turn left from the far right lane, but speeding even just a couple of kilometers over will get you fined.  These cameras are placed strategically as you come down hills, or just as the speed limit changes.  Before you know it…BAM!  Fined.  Forget to pay the bill and your car will be impounded..

9. The clothing some of these women wear makes no sense to me.  I understand that as part of your religion you are required to dress in a particular way, but a black robe over your jeans and turtleneck and cover your head when it is 120 degrees outside?  In the gym some women wear five layers of clothing…sweatpants and t-shits over sweaters with headscarves.  Yet the men’s clothing makes absolute sense: white, airy, and nothing underneath but their skivvies.

10. People stare at you.  I am sick of being stared at.  I’m stared at by men who have never seen a fair-skinned blue-eyed woman before, or who have and think we are all prostitutes so it’s okay to stare.  They stare at me when I am fully covered or with my husband, and even follow me around.  It’s beyond creepy and has brought me to tears on more than one occasion.  The staring is not limited to men, either.  I’m stared at angrily by female prostitutes who think I am running in on their territory by having a few drinks with my husband at the bar.

11. Prostitutes?  Oh hell yes, there are prostitutes.  Tons of them.  So, let me get this straight, I can’t look at a naked picture of a person on the Internet in the privacy of my home, but it is okay to go out in public and buy a few for the night?

12. Alcohol can only be sold in hotels and a handful of private clubs.  A person must own a liquor license to consume in the privacy of their own home.  To obtain a liquor license you must get signed approval from your boss, prove a certain level of salary that determines how much you are allowed to buy, and then submit several mug shots (aka passport photos) for approval.  Pay the fee and the additional 30% tax on every purchase and you may drink at home.  Then again, you can just pick up a few bottles in the airport duty free on your way in to the country, but two is the max.  Why not just drive out to Ajman where it’s a free-for-all and load up the SUV?  It’s easy enough, but crossing the Emirates with alcohol is illegal – particularly in the dry emirate of Sharjah, which just happens to lie between Dubai and Ajman.  Go figure.

13. Not only do you have to get your boss’s approval to obtain a liquor license, but you must also get the company’s approval to rent property, have a telephone, or get satellite TV.

14. Back to the craziness on the roads: If I see one more kid standing up and waving to me out the back window while flying down the road at 160 kph…whatever happened to seatbelts?

15. When is the weekend again?  Let me get this straight: the weekend used to be Thursday and Friday, but no one took off all of Thursday, just a half day really.  Now the government says Friday and Saturday are the weekend, but some people only take off Friday, others still take a half day on Thursday, but some might just take a half day on Saturday instead.  Anyway you slice it, Sundays are workdays and little business can be accomplished Thursday through Saturday.

16. There are few satellite television operators:.  The movie channels play movies that are old and outdated.  Many of them went straight to video back in the States.  Every sitcom that failed in the US has been purchased and is played here.  Old episodes of Knight Rider are advertised like it is the coolest thing since sliced bread.  The TV commercials are  repeated so often that I am determined NOT to buy anything I see advertised on television here just for thee principle of it.  When I say repeated often, I mean every commercial break – sometimes more than once.

17. The roads are horribly designed.  Driving ten minutes out of the way to make a U-turn is not uncommon.  People are not able to give directions most of the time (remember reason #1), and the maps are little help because most have few road names on them, if any.  Where is interchange four?  You just have to hope you got on the freeway in the right place and start counting because they are not numbered.  Miss it and you’ll likely end up on the other side of town before you are able to turn around and go back.

18. Taxi drivers are dangerous and smell. Taxi drivers work very hard here to earn a living because travel by taxi is still relatively inexpensive, even though the cost of living is not (see reason #7).  Because of this you may have a driver who has had little sleep or the opportunity to shower for several days.  Many of these drivers have just as much difficulty finding their way around as you do, but add to this a third-world country driving style and extreme exhaustion and, well, remember to buckle up for safety.

19. Speeding is an Emirati sport and Emirates Road is just an extension of the Dubai Autodrome.  I know I keep mentioning the roads, but really, much of this city’s issues are encompassed by the erratic and irrational behavior displayed on its streets.  Visions of flashing lights on even flashier, limo-tinted SUVs haunt me as I merge on to the highway.  Local nationals are somehow able to get the sun-protecting dark window tint denied to us lowly expats and use it to hide their faces as they tailgate you incessantly at unbelievably high speeds, their lights flickering on and off and horn blaring repeatedly.  It doesn’t matter that you can’t get over, or if doing so would be particularly dangerous, they will run you off the road to get in front of you.  Don’t even think about giving someone the finger; the offense could land you in jail.  Tailgating is, unbelievably, legal.

20. Dubai is far from environmentally friendly.  Ever wonder how much damage those manmade islands are doing to the delicate ocean ecosystem?  Coral reefs, sea grasses, and oyster beds that were once part of protected marine lands lie choked under a barrage of dredged up sea sand.  Consider the waste that occurs from erecting buildings on top of these sand monsters and from the people that occupy them coupled with the lack of an effective recycling program and you have an environmental disaster on your hands.  Add to this more gas guzzling SUVs than fuel-efficient cars on the road and the need for 24-hour powerful air-conditioning and its evident that the environment is not high on the priority list of the UAE.

So while I’m sure there are benefits to living in Dubai, tax breaks, multi-cultural environments, and beautiful buildings aside, reconsider your plans to move here if any of the above mentioned reasons strikes a chord within you.  Dubai is a city caught in an identity crisis.  Struggling somewhere between its desire to be a playground for the rich and its adherence to traditional Islamic roots, rests a city that lacks sufficient infrastructure to support its delusions of grandeur.  Visit if you must, but leave quickly before you are sucked into its calamitous void.

I haven’t been to Dubai EVER 🙁


  1. Im from France I live in Dubai since 2009 the lettuce salad you said cost 10$ I guess you never been there it cost less than 50 euro cent and I know many people even from France critizise Dubai but they never been you are free to choose the place you want but I love Dubai and Emirati people are very respectful they are the only educated respectful classy people I met in this world

    • well,chère madame,I was thinking to alternate Cote d’Azur with Dubai,as for holiday Dubai was funny and France is a communist country anyway, but after reading enough stories about women put in jail after they were raped,I’ll be stick with Monaco…I don’t remeber the lettuce price but the ponts 3,7,10,11,12 and 18 from the above are unfortunately true, I noticed it even when I was only on holiday in Dubai…… and by the way: renting 1 bedroom flat in Dubai Marina is the same price like in Monaco?!! and you can’t compare the safety&services between them…

  2. That is such a lie
    Dubai iso the nicest country I can think of
    Why don’t you do next top 20 reasons to not go to America then we’ll see if you lie or tell the truth

  3. Great list!
    Half my family lives in Dubai, but I decided to settle in Finland for so many good reasons! I could even suggest an alternative title “Why move to Scandinavia instead of Dubai!”
    Here’s couple of additional points to your list:
    1. DISCRIMINATION! You mentioned cheap labor and the horrible working conditions, low pay, etc. But this goes beyond. I was shocked to know that there is discrimination in healthcare provision in Dubai! This means that Emiratis receive healthcare in some exclusive hospitals where no foreign nationals are allowed, regardless of their status! What kind of sick mentality is this? This practice is against international law, obviously, but what is not obvious it how they managed to get away with it! The same thing happened with their disgusting practice of withholding workers’ passports, which you pointed, and which is the modern version of slavery. it’s not just in UAE, btw (all Arab Gulf states do that, as far as I know).
    it’s not just healthcare! Another example is electricity bills! The mighty Emirati pays much less as they get some sort of serious discounts.
    In Finland, all of the above is simply unconstitutional. Everyone, regardless of their nationality, and as long as they have a permenant residence and a job, are entitled for 100% of benefits, services, laws, etc., as compared to citizens.
    I could never see the point of why some people trade off their basic rights for a cult obsessed with bigger-penis–therefore-bigger-mall!

    2. No matter how long you work your ass in Dubai, or elsewhere in rich Arab Gulf (or Persian Gulf, to be just!), you would never become citizen. I know it might not be that important for an American or a Brit; but for people holding shitty passports, constantly humiliated by irrational visa procedures, this really counts! In Finland (so far), you are entitled to become a citizen after 4 years of residence, just 4 fucking years, provided you learned enough Finnish! I know people in my family who busted their bodies with all sorts of occupational illnesses, after DECADES of slave work in UAE, KSA, Kuwait, etc., yet, they never received citizenship, never had pension, etc., and they were practically kicked out of these shit-holes after retirement! Mind you that they all speak the local language (Arabic), and they even practice local religion (Islam)! But still, they never qualified for citizenship! The only case I saw was in Bahrain, where the King tried to solve the problem of Shi’is outnumbering Sunnis by allowing Sunni foreigners to apply for citizenship (under very strict conditions). So it was not really about equality, but rather sick sectarianism.

  4. Dubai sux Ass. So do all the nationals especially the goat fart smelling egyptians. I have a glass bottle in which i pissed after drinking fresh pineapple juice. I have kept it for several years in my office drawer just in case one day a Dubai resident businessman comes to America seeking help from my firm. I will throw it on his face and beat his ass before having security drag him out into the alley where he belongs. Who ever supports this fake ass country is as fake as the country he/she is supporting.

  5. Hi, Dubai is a nice place , however the work environment and work culture is bad with arrogant bosses and supervisors and bad work ethics/policies. Long way to go before it matches with other countries like US/India/Europe. Not recommended to work there.

  6. Awwww guyz stop you even haven’t been Dubai so pls stop complaining I hav been there for almost 12 years now I am 12 . I’m born here and it’s one of the best contries in the WORLD
    It’s has soooooooo many cool things. Yo hav to visit DUBAI

  7. Such is the world that there is no criticism allowed even if someone is stating their own opinion or things almost close to reality .

  8. She just shows the one side of picture and I am disappointed the way She explained the things. I think She got paid to visit Dubai and write down the negative aspects of human living.

    I acknowledge there are some black sheeps who abusing the employment law but get punished as well.

    Yes in your country is more freedom and human values because you just learned to just blaming, attacking and invading thirld world countries and looting all the gold assets, oil and money. After all you are civilized.

    The people of Emirates I swear are very honest and cooperative, friendly and helpful. They help you when hou in trouble.

    • Since being here numerous times have I been promised or sworn to have the aid or have something completed within very normal parameters only to have been left with those tasks being undone the “in God’s will” saying of in shalah is used VERY often and without any desire to follow up. As for alot of what she said in the column. It’s mostly spot on. Sure there’s hardships in most countries but in the UAE it’s very obvious that the “slavish laborers ” and other injustices are present and a continuous problem. Perhaps we should not fully look down on them as they have truly came a long way as a country that’s only a few decades old. Although in fairness most times what you see here is strong opinions of like or dislike. The truth though is that first the most part they lady speaking her mind and take has said most of the negative that she has with alot of revelance and truth. Shame on her for anything she has inflated or embellished. As for thoe rest of her stated problems …. the truth can sometimes hurt and in this case has.

  9. What bullshit story from blond girl, who were not able to sell her so called knowledge and experience on the market from one side, and from other side hey girl who called you here. If you don’t like it, don’t come.

    • Who are you to discriminate someone who speaks of personal opinions and experiences. Please state facts rather than just predicting someone as a prostitute indirectly.

  10. It is very clear that the person who wrote the article is dismissed or kicked off of her work , because this is usually the tone such people have on leaving the country. I lived 20 years in UAE and with no exaggeration, it is best country man can live in. Most of the issue stated are incorrect (who says that you must get your employer approval to rent property, have a telephone, or get satellite TV!!…simply the official department will ask you for a prove that you have a job which is a letter from a company…just to ensure that they are not providing services for criminals or simply illegal residents). Staring at you in public (believe me it is not your fairness or blue eyes, UAE has 60% expat and they are everywhere …Just remember where have you been wondering…You mentioned something about “prostitutes” that they were worried that you might take their business…Here you go! people think they you are a prostitute and therefore they are staring. UAE block indecent sites? yes, it is enough for you to enjoy all methods of perversion and indecency in your home country (America) , you may go there and enjoy watching gays, prostitution, illicit and immoral acts since your country allow it and even respect it under (Human Rights) …Here in UAE, they are doing their best to make things more respectable for respectable residents. Since you are not one of these people, you may stay in your country and enjoy the Road System. Before you come to UAE, you must be aware of Alcohol matter, if you used to drink, clubs, sex, and losing self control….simply UAE is not for you. Your article is full of grudges and ill feeling toward the Emirates woman who have been strongly supported, by their country yet they are modest, religious, decent and successful business women…you have put all that aside and get irritated by their reserved clothing…well you have to live with that.
    You remind of a situation where once i moved to a fantastic 37 floors building where the flats were spacious and the services was just impeccable and everything were just perfect…i saw a resident in the lift and to break the ice, i asked her when she moved in and how she thinks of the building in general. The lady answered me…”Well the garage is too narrow and you see till now the lift has not come!!” .. In fact there are people are born to notice only the negatives, in a way that you do not greet them the next day you see them, because they will do their best to find something in you or your family, “chronic complainers”, who are not welcomed by people or companies.

  11. After spending almost 16 years as middle to upper management in a very involved field within aviation. I moved to UAE in January with my wife. Being very cultural diverse and having alot of understanding and openness to different cultures and beliefs I felt like the move would be fine and just another experience of living. Wrong! The article is pretty much dead on. And besides the fact that really and truly most of the actual locals are pretty good people. The extreme use of members of many other countries really seems to hurt things. As stated many taxis here don’t habeeb a clue where you need to go and with there being no formal address system it makes to tough to guide them and ofcourse driving is not any better as it seems a liability every time you are in a personal automobile. Don’t expect anyone to keep their word about anything they say or promise as most will not. Also don’t expect to want to do much beyond the first few weeks being here as quickly the joy of being in such an interesting and unique place for me was overcast with the truth that most outdoor activities are simply not worth being out in the heat. Although it’s not as effective on me as is my wife being out in the sun for a walk or to do activities. Behind the glitz and glamour you will quickly find out that often things are done as fast and cheap as possible including fixes to your villa or flat (appartment) in combination with often times having the person preforming the task be of question to you based on the level of skill they display and ofcourse there not being to communicate with you properly doesn’t help and yes you guessed it almost all are just in from various third world countries and non Emirate locals. The article is also spot on about costs and money. Although I am American and make well most here on work visas truly do barely have enough money to afford to eat. I will note that in the recent months with the oil industry basically crashing here and oil being so low so very much of the industry has tanked and inturn caused tens of thousands to be either laid off and seeking work or forced back to their respective countries. Lastly, touching on the article there is great truth about the lack of what can be done basically Thursday Sundays. Add in the severely restricted business days during Ramadan and you’ll really have a little over a month of the year that anything business related becomes close to impossible or an extremely slow process to say the least.

    • Oh yes it is. Tried to see the best but keep coming back to same conclusions sadly. Will definitely avoid this place even their crazy airport.
      Developers Cheating people if their saving taking money and not building but not refunding either is just wrong! Yet some poor workers with a small loan get arrested ten years after absconding.
      Arrest the mega developers the super thrives! Restore sons justice. My guess it will end very badly. Allah always punishes the unjust the thieves the wrongdoers.

  12. All points completely true…written in 2009…and nothing has changed since then…give them another 100 years to further develop. Spoon and forks is still a new concept…poor ppl from poor countries will eat with their hands on the floor…its a respected tradition i guess…..

  13. Well, now I simply cannot decide. After 10 years teaching in universities in Japan, http://www.transformtofreedom.com/working-in-japan/ , as a highly qualified, and experienced in EFL teacher, I actually want to make some money, and enjoy a change of scenery and culture. As such I am doing a lot research into the UAE – particularly Dubai – as the place to work for a couple of years, but I continually come across articles such as the above, where the commenters – who live(ed) in the country seem to offer the best advice, but the advice is contradictory with sometimes equal portions of fors and againsts. I guess the experience one will have in Dubai boils down to individual needs and how open-minded one is to other cultures/religions, etc. As one who has taught and lived in four Asian countries, in addition to my home country, perhaps I have a small advantage in this area. Still, after having read “everything” above, it’s a decision that I cannot easily make. Thanks, everyone, for your input.

    • I have lived in Dubai now for a year and half sure Dubai has its down falls but no one is perfect ! It’s all on how you see things here in Dubai . i so far enjoyed my time here

  14. Hahaha what crazy are these comment they come to Dubai for money and then they leave a fucked up comments on the country.. Don’t like it leave it and go to hell.. Hope everyone who’s not great full as u guys never come back to Dubai

  15. Honestly, this is such an inaccurate account of Dubai. Often, people forget that they are simply guests in the country. Most of these complaints are not only racist but also culturally ignorant. There are so many mistakes in this list. For one, tailgating is illegal here. I have no idea what gave you the idea it wasn’t. The complaint that Dubai only has a few satellite channels? Du (the main television provider in Dubai) has over 200 channels. Not to mention, Dubai is the safest place I’ve ever lived. I once left my wallet in a restaurant, and the next day a driver from the restaurant had driven to my address, which he found from my business card, and dropped it off at my house. Yes, I have had men stare at me, but to think that it’s a Dubai thing, and not a general man thing, is ridiculous. If anything, I find that the migrant workers who you so horrendously insulted avert their eyes when near women, as a sign of respect. As for the the laws pertaining ILLEGAL forms of streaming and downloading media, skype, and other free forms of contact, are there to help protect the artists and the telecom companies, not a ‘matter of security’.

    Personally, I see nothing wrong with wanting to have an international population, and calling immigrants ‘third world drivers’ and ‘smelly’ is incredibly racist. And the complaints pertaining the changed weekend, women’s and men’s clothing, alcohol laws, and the weather are all cultural. It’s just disrespectful to ask them to change their culture to yours. And complaining about the weather? Really? They have no control over that, it’s just stupid to complain about that. Also, it only reaches 120 degrees in the peak of summer. In the winter months it’s a nice 70-80 degrees, which many people vacation to experience.
    Finally, several of your reasons Dubai is terrible are based off of personal experience, like ” If I see one more kid standing up and waving to me out the back window while flying down the road at 160 kph…” and “I am sick of being stared at.”, but the last sentence of this rant is “I haven’t been to Dubai EVER :(” So how do you know all these things about Dubai, seemingly from personal experience?

    And finally. Dubai is hot and has few plants because it is a desert. Deserts are hot. I feel like you should already know this.
    I sincerely hope that this was a joke because the none of these reasons are valid, or problems you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Not to mention, Dubai is only 40 years old, and if you ever choose to visit it, remember that you are a guest there, not a citizen.

    • Good reply. It’s like going to Canada and complaining about how cold it is all the time and how we have to wear coats and so many layers and how I missed bathing in warm beach water. Oh wait, I have never been to Canada…but I’ve gotten as close as Maine.
      All countries have their problems. If you’re not aware of where you are going and what to expect, of course you will get culture shock. A lot of the laws are in place to prevent fraud and unlicensed practitioners and it’s the only way for a tiny country to try to regulate, control and maintain law and order. The UAE is not the USA. Their problems are not the same. They face different issues and therefore tackle them in different ways.
      If you have never taken a driving course for your permit in the UAE, then you cannot comment on the drivers. The UAE does its best to accommodate the millions of people from all over the world and the result is, of course, a melange of driving styles. A lot of people have driving licenses from their own countries but are allowed to take a driving test to switch it over. If they fail, they have to retake the entire course from scratch. If they pass, well then they managed to control their crazy driving during the 5 minutes they were under scrutiny.
      You’re allowed to hate the country but you can’t assume things if you don’t know the truth. Tinting of car windows is not legal above a certain limit for anyone. How some people manage to do it? Oh, it’s called breaking the law. Some people don’t care about fines, or having their license suspended. Does not mean it is legal. People are always finding ways to do criminal activity and all countries struggle to reduce that number. Reasons vary but tell us of one country where someone did not complain about police not doing their job. They all try their best.
      And by the way, the country DID adapt the weekend so that it can increase the business days it can have with other parts of the world. Friday is still set as it is religious but they moved the second day of the weekend from Thursday to Saturday which means the weekends overlap at least. Different companies have different employment contracts and overtime pay so if you sign saying you will work on one day of the weekend, then it’s your choice.
      Yeah they are building in the water…maybe we can talk about fracking in the US? or mining industry in many countries? Countries make choices. They weigh pros and cons. Just like on a personal level, you drive a car….by your logic you shouldn’t. Stick to a bicycle instead.

    • … and just for the record… the taxis ARE smelly, really SMELLY, and that’s nothing to do with racism, or being racist… (don’t be ridiculous!) but just what the nose registers… ! It’s a fact of the olfactory sense dear…! Oh and for the record… so is Carfour on a Friday… Extremely smelly place! I avoid going there at peak times.. it makes me gag! The smell of Curry is overwhelming and not my favorite smell… 🙁
      So, yeah, I agree with the writer- spot on!
      So shut up.

  16. dubai is good but full of fucker always disturbing and Islamic people are plotting a consultancy against Hindus and Christians buddhist they think they are right others are wrong bloody mother fucker Egyptians and bangladeshi Indian Muslim they are mother fucker and very cheap mentality people if I ruling their I fuck all Egyptians Pakistani Indian Muslims bangladeshi all buckshot….hell

  17. You are having a complete wrong ideology of dubai. It is a admirable country and full of safety. A girl can easily stroll about even at night. Even it’s free of crime.

  18. We all of absolutely knows that their liveing is too hard but I don’t understand that why I’m an you’re still hear ( ‘_’ )?

  19. I am 100 % sure. After u read this u will never ever move to dubai .

    I have no words to explain about how bad peoples and rules are there . I had so bad experience there and so many innocent peoples are stucking in dubai jail.

    Here are the rules of dubai. And sentence for crimes . Every single small fault is a crime there.
    Please have a look .

    1… Hugs for girlfriends at public place.its a crime in dubai. U will have 1 month jail and deport.

    2…. Kissing girlfriend at public place. U will have
    3 months in jail and deport.

    3… Romance at public place or in your own car. U will have 6 months in jail and deport.

    4… Faurting at public place. 1 month jail and then deport

    5… Selling alcohal. 1 month jail and deport

    6… Smoking hash or other drugs like taking sleeping pills. 4 yearsssss in jail and deport

    7…selling drugs even 1 gram.u will have up to 10 years in jail and deport

    8…overstay or expire visa. 1 month and deport

    9…using sex toys ..1 month jail and deport

    10… Picking up prostitute. 3 months jail and deport

    11… Have sex with girl friend or with boy friend even at your own home. 6 months jail and deport

    12…stealing .. 6 months jail and deport

    13… If by mistake some girl or your girl friend complain. The dubai court dont need proof . And u will hav 6 months jail and deport

    14… And if girl complain that u try to rape her then 7 years in jail and deport . And they dont ask for any proof.

    15…Asking money from peoples as bagger. U will have 2 months in jail and deport.

    16…Making pic of stranger girls. 6 months jail and deport

    17… Drinking alcohal at home even and someone complain about u. 3 months jail and

    18…if by mistake ur hand touch girls hand and girl complain against u. 6 months in jail and deport. And they dont ask proof from girls

    19…fighting with someone even on sms or whatsapp messages. And if u sms or whatsapp like fuck u or bla bla. 1 month jail and deport..

    20… Giving money to peoples for finish work quicky. 6 months jail and deport

    Brother and sister its all true. I wish someday u meet some person who had suffered from dubai jail and u will believe this

    Police and cid are so nose up. They dont respect peoples… They dont help anyone for giving info..
    And cid hit the innocent peoples so much. And they blamed the innocent peoples for that crime which he have not been involved. And court dont ask proof…

    When u go to court. U cant talk with judge or can not explain what was happend.and judge just ask u . If u did this . Yes or no …. Thats it
    Judge dont want we innocent peoples to explain

    They dont respect old people . They dont even care if u r 80 years old or more then that .they dont respect the old peoples

    There is no rule for local peoples .. All rules are for forner peoples

    If u are waiting in the que in government office or any super market to buy something or getting paper .. U have to wait so much. And if local person come he directally goes to counter. Locals never wait in que.

    I was in jail and i have seen everything.and even when i was outside if jail i knew all these. But when i have this experience i really wanna share it. So please share it as much as u can too..and its 100% true…

    Court is so bad..if u don’t do appeal after the judgement then court will open case against u that why you don’t appeal and ask for sorry.. And they give again hearing dates and wasting time peoples. And give them impound. Its all way to make money

    In jail they serve prisnor with very bad food and very bad water…

    In jail there is no rule for local. And security of jail is so so bad. They don’t know even how to talk and how to count the prisnor or how to call some one s name. And the police man in jails are so uneducated

    Most important thing.

    After u finish ur sentence from jail. Still u have to stay in jail for more then one month again.because they need to prepare ur all documents as police man says…

    Court is so bad..if u don’t do appeal after the judgement then court will open case against u that why you don’t appeal and ask for sorry.. And they give again hearing dates and wasting time peoples. And give them impound. Its all way to make money

    The fact is. Saudi government gives 60$ per prisnor to dubai government for every day .. So they keep innocent peoples in jail without any reason. Jail is a business in dubai…

    About business…
    Too much expensive everything there

    And if u want to starts a business.u have to invest ur all money but u can’t be owner for ur own money’s business. Owner will be a local person for ur money’s business

    No nationality or residence … Doesn’t matter even if u r staying in dubai 20 years or more then that

    Peoples thinks there is no tax in dubai… But there is alot of useless charges which we have to pay dubai government without any reason .. Thats the reason dubai is rich country

    All these rules are for forner peoples. But not for locals

    For getting driving license..u have to get permission from ur boss

    For buying a car or home or rental. U have to get letter from company…

    I request u all please. Share this as much as u can. So that peoples knows about dubai before they travel here.and they can save their life and time and money.. And i really don’t want someone suffer from dubai jail and rules as i suffered

    Its 100% sure its real. So please share this

    Thanks alot for reading.

    • sometimes u need to respect others culture and rule because without those rules UAE won’t be safe and as a citzen of UAE I thank our government for putting those rules so plz if u don’t like those rules or you think it doesn’t make any sense following them then don’t bother to visit our country .

      • fuck u emirati idiot! I am a Bahraini that visited UAE last month after 20 years and found out that u retards are living off of mawaqif and penalities. You are all poor and need government support. U are all uneducated and irrational. Even Saudis are more advanced than u. U all are stupid and trying to cheat expats and make them work for u. You assholes are only good at taking haram money from people and u are using disgusting Egyptians for that task.

  20. I’ve lived here since 1989 , and although the author has not got somethings right, I can vouch that 90% of it is more or less true. As people living in Dubai, we must come to terms with reality and not bury our heads in the sand. What this author highlights, although a bit viciously, are seldom mentioned in the newspapers in this country, because free, open debate on these topics is vastly discouraged. So much so that I get the impression that expats who work here and suffer some of this would rather remain quiet and take the abuse than lose their jobs, get arrested or lose the freedom to ever get back into the country. In some ways, it is a selfishness of all who live here, because if they know living conditions and comfort are great/ideal for them, they don’t tend to complain.

    So yes, Dubai offers some advantages to the expat worker in terms of a tax free environment, but it is under stress in several key issues. The EXPO 2020 is coming to Dubai, and I hope this will be an opportunity for the city to take a pragmatic, organic approach to growth, laws, policies and treatment of foreign people who come here to earn a living. Lets soften the rental stresses on people, let’s open up the platform to more debates, let’s challenge the old Dubai ways. Let’s treat women and men equally, let’s address the very obvious racial discrimination and racial stratification in the labor market. Let’s treat the low cost labor class right for without them, Dubai would, arguably, still be several years back in urban development. So many thorny issues, but a whole lot of opportunities to improve. Will the leaders take note?

  21. I am from the US. I have been here for 2 months and my husband has been here 4 years. Dubai isn’t perfect and somethings are different. But if someone from Dubai went to the area I have lived in the US they would run back to Dubai. I came to Dubai to get away from the craziness of shootings, robberies, and other violence that has taken over my area. I was tired of police officers being shot for sport, people breaking into my home and taking whatever they wanted and explaining to my children why they can not play in the front yard or ride their bikes to a friends house. I gave up several things to come here and I would do it all again to keep my children safe and to spend time with their father. I came here expecting it to be much worse and have been surprise with how welcoming Dubai can be. Its not easy and only an entitled minded person would expect life to be so easy!

  22. I lived in Dubai for 17 years from 1979 to 1994.All i can say is what did i do to deserve that sentence Hell on Earth and just as hot.Women calling me ghabar prostitute for no reason i was covered just because i am white.The Arab women hate us because they know their husbands can’t leave us alone and lust after all white girls because the men think they are all irrisistable sex Gods.I once had an Indian wanking on my car as i walked toward it with my friend.Another Indian got his dick out when i was walking with my two year old daughter in the town.Another got into my building lift with me and my daughter and kept touching himself.It is a dirty disgusting place.The men are the lowest of low obsessed with sex because they can’t get it.The no drinking laws are a farce they all go to the desert night time and get drunk.Europeans only go for money not because they want to live there.Every Friday all the mosques start shouting politics Amriki this Amriki that I thought the mosques were for God and prayers not a political debate!!!!I would not send my worst enemy there.Pity they can’t buy manners and decency with all their money.

    • Auuuhhhh if you don’t like Dubai then leave , it’s their culture you say. Lmao I feel the same as you but in the United States. If you don’t like OUR Culture then leave. YES YES that is what we are saying too. JUST LEAVE, stay in a country where you like the culture. Lmao

  23. IF you’re open minded enough you would accept the idea of everyone can wear whatever they want! if women are wearing black abayas when it’s super hot, let them do it , what’s the problem? it’s their culture you need to respect that. IF you don’t like to live in Dubai just leave! some people are not made to live here but you won’t find this luxurious lifestyle & quality of life elsewhere…

  24. I’m 16 lived here before but originally from Australia I can not explain how much I can relate and understand everything you just said, should have added how the education is shitty and over priced it has become a joke to me when people say Dubai greatest place ever these people skipped the basics and hide it with their tall towers and slavery.

  25. You better go and F/U/C/K Yourself before write anything about Dubai, you motherfucker idiot stupid ass, look at your nasty face, you don’t even know the geographical location of Dubai.

  26. Dubai and Abu Dhabi have done pretty well for themselves in the past 40 years. They modernize themselves but they still stay true to their culture in their architecture and way of life.
    Malls can be boring but the malls in the UAE are way more interesting than the ones in other parts of the world. They have themes, a wide collection of American, European and British stores (which, as a Brit, I absolutely adore), cheap brands and designer brands. True, if you want to spend some money, it’s better. But there’s always something for everyone at the mall: movie theaters, ice rinks, bowling alleys, restaurants… There is always something to do for everybody and if you bother to look online, you can join communities with people like you and find things to do together.
    -Also, public bathrooms in all the fancy hotels and malls are always clean and always have attendants.
    -Blocking websites can be annoying but it’s not our business. It definitely has its advantages especially for raising children.
    -Also, for raising children, the UAE is a great place. The access to underage drinking and drugs is very limited. But it is better for students who finish high school to leave the UAE to get work experience.
    – Prostitution IS illegal and you make it sound like it’s easy to get away with. It’s not. It’s also unheard of depending on the circles you mix with.
    -It’s unbearably hot in July and August. Otherwise, it’s just warm and the winter months are just beautiful.
    -Think there are few trees/plants? It’s called sustainability (also known as Estidama). Please remember this is a desert!!! It’s not a tropical country with rains or a Western country with all four seasons. And they do a great job of air conditioning everything.
    -The workers are exploited – true but not all true. The UAE has given jobs to so many people from South Asia – from construction workers to white collar employees.
    -Workers may smell sometimes, but that’s because they are in the heat and don’t invest in deodorant. Don’t judge. You barely have to move with them for more than 5 minutes.
    The UAE is a great place to live in for a few years, raise your kids, make some money, meet people from all around the world, improve your sense of taste, become more open minded to Eastern cultures and have a taste of ‘Arabian life’ without living in fear of anything.
    Thanks for reading.

    • Thanks Laura! I completely agree with you. People over analyze the downside when it comes to relocating to Dubai. It is a much better place than what people think. Only those who have lived in Dubai can tell you how good it is. It is a mini-globe in itself with such a multi-cultural environment, almost not crime, quality infrastructure…..and above all, a desire to build a world class modern state and city. I have been living here for last 7 years and have seen this place getting better….it must be one of the most well governed cities in the world. Read about the vision of the ruler and what he talked about in the “conference on governance” just yesterday……and it’s all true….not a political speech. UAE remains and Dubai in particular, is an ideal place for citizens or residents.

  27. RE: 5
    There’s no such thing as a 7-star hotel. Common misconception that people who have never been to Dubai have.

    RE 16:
    In Dubai we get series like Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, The Daily Show, etc on the same day – or day after – they are first screened in the US. But anyway, we all use BitTorrent here and get ad-free downloads like most people around the world.

    • no, you should definately visit, Dubai is a tourist hotspot and should be just that. This articles mainly about living here, which i mostly agree with. But as a holiday, I’d say Dubai would be great, great hotels, beaches, waterparks, malls, clubs.. the whole lot. If you decide to live here though, Dubai will slowly suck the life out of you and get you used to the most ridiculous ways of life anywhere. I may sound like I’m contradicting myself here a little, but to sum it up. visit for a holiday… definitely. Move out here… absolutely NOT.

  28. This article is very wrong! The author hasn’t even been to Dubai. How could you judge? I’ve been living in Dubai for more than seven years and there are many wrongs in what is said above. First of all, the workers’ passports are taken from them not because they’re scared that they’ll go away but because otherwise the workers will sell their passports for a lot of money. If women and men who are local are dressed like that it’s because of their religion. So we have no rights to offend them. You might find it stupid but please refrain from posting it on the internet! Of course for some points the author was right and I’m sure she/he didn’t mean to offend anyone but I’m just pointing out that she/he could of maybe found out more before judging. That’s all.

    • I don’t care where you are from, or why you think its OK to take someones passport. Newsflash… IT ISNT OK. A passport is a persons identity and property, No company/employer anywhere in the world apart from this area has a right to take a workers passport away from them.

      • No, also in this area the employers have no right to take away passports. They do it illegally. I checked with the Ministry of Labour.

  29. This article is nothing but a bunch to twisted lies , and here are some points that the author got ” wrong ” if not on purpose then for spite. As for the address issue. You are wrong dubai is divided into areas for example ( business bay, jbr , down town , difc, the streets are named and the buildings are named so are the buildings,

    The internet issue porn is blocked yes, but voip isn’t in fact I just got of the phone with my mother who lives back home calling her on voip provided by skype, if the author is referring to whats app calling service that’s it’s inabled for licensing issues not becouse it’s bad, another example is apples face time which doesn’t work in most countries around the world ( it’s a business desicion

    As for the weather . I don’t think the good people of the uae chose to live in such tempreture , but even under these conditions they were able through out history to survive and thrive. And today the Uae takes pride in its ability to work around these harsh conditions and make their country beautiful.

    The one point I had to comment on was the one in regards to the traditional emarati outfits , the author shows a lack of respect and narrow mindedness , as every one can choose what to wear in the Uae, from revealing hot shorts to the black vail, it is isnt the authors place to even comment on this topic

    Many would also take offense with the authers claim that ppl would be starring at her, it makes me feel as if the author is talking about a different place. I can find you a handful of people in 2 minuets who would say they feel more safe and comfortable and welcomed in dubai than they do in their own countries

    Telephone lines and TV network . Any one can buy a mobile phone with no permission required . Just provide a passport and get your new mobile number for any of the many outlets
    TV network are among the best . Osn is one of the largest , and they offer episodes form American TV shows unsensored the very same day it is released in the usa

    As for alcohol consumption , there are more than a handful of places offering alcohol in dubai in fact most places do. As for buying alcohol , yes one must drive to ajman to do so which is 30 minutes away, but I would like to point out the author that some counties in Texas also Requir ppl to buy their alcohol form a certain outlet located fare from the city . This is not unique to dubai. But the truth is dubai has one of the best night life experiences in the world and I know my night life

    I am not going to comment on ever point but one last point I find my self needing to address is the environmental impact of dubai , the Uae in general and dubai specificly have been the pioneers in trying to save energy and reducing their carbon foot print , unlike the us dubai doesn’t use coal to produce energy , the Uae never had an oil spill , and one mention masdar city in Abu Dahbi which is the 1st green city in the world.

    I don’t know why the author would want to paint to dubai in such a way, but regardless of the reason the truth is dubai is highly regulated, and well organized and operates in a way that makes it unique to other cities , every one must follow the laws even if they deemed unimportant . But that is way dubai is among the safest places on earth, you will never have your pocket picked In dubai. Nor will you be kidnaped by a taxi driver , every thing is on cctv and every one is monitored

    Dubai is a special place , it’s the new land of opportunity and every one should be lucky enough to come and enjoy the many treasures that dubai offers

  30. It’s real. Dubai is not a place to reside for a long time. Can’t believe someone knows the country so well without visiting. You must be kidding. You seem to know UAE so well. This is not a safe place. Especially for women and follows islam, the law is so biased. Freedom of opinion and ideas leave it aside if you plan to work in UAE.

  31. Hot … yes its very very hot here in uae.. and every body keep looking at you for no reasons.. not an environmental friendly at all.. life is very expensive here.. I agree with you on most of the points.. except the one related to local women dresses as this is part of the religion yes wearing black is not making sense to me as Islam asks to cover all the body but face and hand not to be covered.. but it is not in Islam to wear black I think its they choose black because it is more respected here..

  32. I have some friends, American and Jordanian, living in Dubai, including my brother and cousin. Honestly, the only thing I heard them complain about so far was the heat. My cousin attempted to have a barbeque gathering, outdoors; and told me that about 5 minutes later he said “F— this S— it’s so damn hot” and took the food back inside.
    Oh, he did complain about the internet too. he couldn’t visit any of his favorite porn sites 🙂
    However, both, my brother and cousin, are having a very good time over there.
    In my opinion, for a young guy who just wants to make money, have his beer on weekends and get laid, Dubai would be a perfect place to live. But if you had moved to Dubai and you weren’t into clubs and women, or if you were “a woman”, then I guess you’re screwed.

  33. The article is a peice of crap. First get a licence here. Its not but u being white ass. First of all the country has favoured whites a lot so if ur not luckibg there are many more. For a u turn yes. And the infrastructure used to even make that u turn.. ur pathatic us wont even spend on a building .. leave alone ur houses made of wood.. yes the internet blocks.. from when is porn so important to u writer.. the cabs sit and drive the whole day and theu paidless and they respect back also.. not in ur missarable country called usa.

  34. this is execly about Dubai nothing new but my friend you forget 1 more point if you resign or want to change your job employer but ban 6 mounts, 1 year, or wors so thing twice before arive in this place

  35. You forgot having to allow an extra 45mins to any car journey that requires you getting fuel as the petrol station queues are always 10 deep at each pump no matter the time of day!

  36. I don’t understand why people get so aggressive. if you don’t agree – just say so and why – let the discussion continue. For me this blog made me smile because I found it true. It is after all labeled the 20 worst things about Dubai – we can do another one saying the 20 best things can’t we? All places have good and bad and of course it depends on your own personal experience and back ground. For me, one major bad thing about Dubai, is the lack of protection for women being abused in a marriage, this needs serious attention (google it). Despite all of that – I love Dubai. Can it be better of course it can but come and enjoy the good things it has to offer and stay on the right side of the law!!!

    • I agree with mistertoshwell, the article did not say – This is Dubai for you. So it depends on your experience. There are things that are better here than in my home country. At the same time, settling in Dubai is a Big no-no for me. I rather live in a tax paying country with my family, friends…

  37. I think that this article is very one-sided! I know people who live there and they don’t complain about anything… It is a pity that there are many cheap workers who are being exploited…. but Dubai is in a third world country after all!

    • Doesnt the same thing happen in america ?!??!?! Mexicans get exploited like hell. Stop bashing on dubai soo much. Your arrgoant cunt face. WTF?! I have never heard of any white women getting looked like that ( the way you said). Ive been living in Dubai for more than you do and i know how this place is. Stop spreading fake propoganda’s westerner, you act like america is the best country in the world but its the opposite.
      This article really pissed the fuck out of me.
      Gosh your such an idiot
      And also im not a local so im not being biased

      And who are you to judge if you havent even been there idiot! If you werent there than who were you talking about?!
      You really are stupid

      • I have spent a lot of time in the USA and Dubai and dont think you can compare them. Dubais closed minded and restrictive culturally hatefull laws make it one of the most pathetic places on the planet

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