The Monastery Built on a Volcanic Plug.


Monastery Built on a Volcanic Plug
Monastery Built on a Volcanic Plug

In central Burma there is a remarkable monastery, Taung Kalat, that sits atop an ancient volcanic plug. Looking like the possible lair of a Bond villain or maybe ET’s next port of call should he make a return visit, this amazing piece of architecture has weathered many a storm. However, it may be finally brought down by the neglect of the military Junta that runs this troubled nation.

Yes, that’s right a volcanic plug. It sounds dangerous but at this stage in its life, Taung Kalat poses no threat. A volcanic plug (sometimes called a ‘neck’) is formed when magma, on its way up through a vent on an active volcano, hardens inside the vent. While the volcano is active this could well lead to the mother of all explosions and it would, you have to admit, be a shame if this beautiful monastery was to be catapulted in to the stratosphere. However, the volcano is thought (perhaps we should say hoped) to be extinct.


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