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Is He Interested- 3 Signs

What is on his mind? What does he thinking about me? Questions many women keep wondering about. Many women find themselves in a situation where they believe that a guy is interested, but they aren’t sure. They compare the way he acts to how they would act if they were interested and make judgments based on those comparisons.

Is He Interested - 3 signs
Is He Interested - 3 signs

It won’t work. Guys display their attraction differently than women do. Experts predict that only 7% of attraction is shown through verbal communication, 38% is displayed through tone and a whopping 55% is shown through body language. This means that women who recognize the meaning behind male body language have a big advantage
There are certain behaviors common to most men who are trying to win a woman’s affection. Most common of them are listed below:

He Makes Good Eye Contact

Since guys are visual, it goes without saying that they stare at women whom they find attractive. This is significant because, as a general rule of thumb, men tend to avoid prolonged eye contact because of its threatening nature (think Alpha Male stuff).
In addition, every man can tell you a story of some woman he was nice to, who misinterpreted his kindness as an indication of romantic interest. If you ask 100 men why they are so guarded about giving a woman the wrong impression, the answer is simple, “Because she might not leave.”
How to respond: When you notice his gaze, simply smile back while maintaining eye contact for a couple of seconds, and then quickly look away. This simple gesture is all the invitation he’ll need to approach you.

He’ll Listen to You

Need I mention that men hate being bored? Women don’t prefer it either, but men detest it. Nothing is more boring to most men than being trapped in a conversation with someone who doesn’t interest them.
If you were to ask how you can tell if you are the woman who is holding him hostage, relax. Most men won’t listen long enough for that to happen to you. If he’s listening to you talk about your work, friends or other interests for more than five minutes, he’s interested in you.

How to Respond

Remember that the person doing the talking is NOT in control. The listener is in control. You want the conversation centered on him so that you can begin training him to be emotionally dependent on you.
Men always find women who listen to them to be irresistible. When you are listening, be sure to make eye contact with him occasionally and never forget that men find a woman’s smile to be hypnotic. Most women can easily do two things at once, so resist the urge to listen and look elsewhere.
Without some eye contact and a smile, you may hear what he’s saying, but you won’t look like you care.

He Frequents Your Friends

Most men know that if you simply approach a woman and give her a “yes” or “no” question, you only have a 50/50 chance of her saying yes, or worse. Therefore, the clever guys are those who slowly infiltrate your inner circle of friends because they know if your friends like them, they have a better chance with you.
Don’t be threatened if you see a guy strike up a conversation with one of your girlfriends. Yes, he may be interested in her and not you, but there is a good chance that you are actually the primary target.
As a guy gets to know your friends, it becomes easier for him to approach both you and them in the future.

How to Respond

If you notice him talking to one of your gal pals, don’t approach them too quickly. In fact, don’t approach them at all. Act as though you didn’t notice them speaking and maintain your distance.
The next time you are with that friend, stay close to her and he’ll be able to approach you, through her.
More visible signals from him: These common body signs are directed toward a woman a guy finds attractive.
• Massaging his outer thigh
• Narrowing his eyes while he is talking to her
• Hooking his thumb in his belt loops
• Adjusting his cuffs, flicking dust from his jacket or smoothing his hair
• Stroking the jaw
• Rolling a glass or pen between his palms

So the next time you are dealing with a man be carefull!


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