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Why  to  be  Ringed?

Most of  the old Temples  have  large  bell at  the entrance  of  the Temple &  we need  to ring it  before  we  enter Temple.

B’Coz  it  has  a scientific Phenomena:

It  is  made  of  various metals including  Cadmium, Lead, Copper, Zinc, Nickel, Chromium & Manganese.The proportion at which  each one of them mixed  is real science behind a  bell.


Each metal used in bell is made to produce such a Distinct Sound that it can creates Unity of our Left  & Right Brain.

The moment we ring that bell, it produces sharp & Lasting Sound which lasts for minimum of seven seconds in echo mode, good enough to Touch our Seven Healing Centres or Chakras in our body.

The moment bell  sound happens our brain  is Emptied of All Thoughts.

Invariably we will enter state of Trans where we are very Receptive.

This Trans state is the one with Awareness.

We are so occupied in mind that only way to awaken us is with a Shock!

Bell works as Anti-dote to our Mind.

Before we produce our self in front of God, This Bell, awakes us  & prepares us for the Taste of Awareness.

This is the Real Reason behind Temple Bells  to be ringed.


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