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WHY I KILLED GANDHI – Nathuram Godse's Final Address to the Court.

Gandhiji's assassin, Nathuram Godse's Final Address to the Court.

WHY I KILLED GANDHI - Nathuram Godse's Final Address to the Court. Nathuram Godse was arrested immediately after he assassinated Gandhiji, based on a F. I. R. filed by Nandlal Mehta at the Tughlak Road Police staton at Delhi . The trial, which was held in camera, began on May 27, 1948 and concluded on February 10, 1949. He was sentenced to death. An appeal to the Punjab High Court, then in session at Simla, did not find favour and the sentence was upheld. The statement that you are about to read is the last made by Godse before the Court on the May 5, 1949. Such was the power and eloquence of this statement that one of the judges, G. D. Khosla, later wrote, "I have, however, no doubt that had the audience of that day been constituted into a jury and entrusted with the task of deciding Godse's appeal, they would have brought a verdict of 'not Guilty' by an overwhelming majority"

Shocking Death of Celebrities.

Love or hate Michael Jackson, the entire world was stunned by his death ...... Although there have been plenty of celebrity deaths, there aren’t that many that have sent shockwaves of this magnitude across the globe. The deaths of Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix were all tragic, but with their heavy drug use and hard-living lifestyles, they maybe weren’t so shocking. And we’ve lost a lot of wonderful people to cancer, but since we have generally been aware that those people had potentially terminal illnesses, they weren’t so surprising either. The five deaths below were totally unexpected (to most, anyway) and surprised the world much like Michael Jackson’s death has.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly Photo from Grace Kelly’s death in 1982 was a big surprise. The Princess of Monaco, who was only 52 and seemingly in perfect health, suffered a stroke while driving with her daughter Princess Stephanie. The timing couldn’t have been worse - it was just as she was driving on the edge of a mountainside, and the stroke left her incapacitated and unable to control the car. It careened off the edge of the mountain and rolled down, flipping over multiple times. Stephanie suffered a cervical fracture and some bruising, but Princess Grace didn’t recover from her injuries. The world was stunned because the reports from Monaco originally said that she had broken her collarbone, a leg and some ribs, but was in stable condition.

Caricature of stars.

Caricature of stars. Angelina Jolie

James Bond.

Just The Facts

  1. James Bond is an ageless British super-spy with the ability to drink limitless vodka martinis and have sex with any woman he desires.
  2. There are 22 Bond films, not counting Never Say Never Again, which is sort of like the adopted child of the Bond movies in that it exists but nobody cares about it.
  3. Six actors have portrayed James Bond--Sean Connery, George 'Remember Me?' Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Remington Steele and Daniel Craig.
James Bond

Weird Collections of the Rich and Famous.

We’ll start with Imelda herself, just as a refresher. When Ferdinand Marcos and Imelda hastily fled the Philippines and Malacañan Palace when Ferdinand’s regime was overthrown, they left behind nearly all of their possessions, which were quite numerous. Imelda was first thought to own more than 6,000 individual shoes, a number which was later downgraded to a mere 1,060 pairs. She also abandoned 65 parasols, 15 mink coats, 888 purses, 508 floor-length dresses and 71 pairs of sunglasses. This seems like a lot, I know, but I bet if you raid the closet of certain Hollywood dwellers you’ll find that this amount of greed pales in comparison.

Movie Stars Who Die the Most

Will Smith (2 Deaths)

Will Smith Death Toll: Seven Pounds, I Am Legend Close, But No Flatline: Smith “died” temporarily in Hancock, but was revived – therefore, it doesn’t count.

5 Famous Actors & The Roles They Turned Down.

Sean Connery wasn’t supposed to be James Bond. Keanu wasn’t supposed to be “the One.” So, who were the original choices? Here are 5 actors and the legendary roles they turned down.

THE ROLE: James Bond in Dr. No

James Bond WHO LET IT GET AWAY: Cary Grant. Despite being Bond producer Albert Broccoli’s best man, Grant said “I don’t” to the offer, and Sean Connery got the role instead. Of course, many studio executives objected to the decision, and even Bond creator Ian Fleming said Connery “wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.” REGRETTABILITY METER: Low. By the 1960s, Cary Grant already had a spectacular film career. If he’d accepted the role (as Broccoli later revealed), it would’ve been just a one-movie deal.

100 Movies To See Before You Die

Many movies are good, some are great, but only a select few can be called truly "essential." After heated discussions, long negotiations, and a shouting match or two, the staff at Yahoo! Movies has put...

Don't you feel its cute.


Shahrukh khan's income is ads and films are part time.

Shahrukh khan's part time income. Ever wondered how Shahrukh paid a tax of Rs 27 Crore last year by starring in just two movies. Well it is to nobody's surprise that brand Shahrukh is the hottest thing in the Indian advertising industry. According to estimates King Khan's income is close to Rs 150 crore during the current financial year. This mammoth amount is the highest for any star endorsing products.
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