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The 10 Best Revenge Movies of All Time.

The 10 Best Revenge Movies of All Time

Given the recent DVD/Blu-Ray release of Taken, in which Liam Neeson beats the crap out of the Euro trash villains that dare to kidnap his daughter, now seems an appropriate time to step back and offer our picks for the ten best revenge movies ever made. There are, to be sure, lots and lots of quality ones.

Caricature of stars.

Caricature of stars. Angelina Jolie

Mothers Day Logos Over the Years from Google.

But for their first year, Google has been changing its home page logo every Mother's Day in a tribute to mothers everywhere. And although the images for the years 2000 and 2001 don't look very different, take a closer look (images below) and you'll find a small but interesting distinction. We took this year's image from Google Australia, but you should see it on all of Google's sites.

Pencil Carvings.

Creative Pencil Carvings.

Friendship that flows from the heart cannot be frozen by adversity, as the water that flows from the spring cannot congeal in winter. --James Fennimore Cooper

Balloon Competition

Balloon Competition.

7 creative logo designs with hidden symbols

Companies use logos as a medium for branding to earn recognition . Here are some logos which take it to the next step by implementing subliminal symbols and messages in their logo designs : Goodwill industries is a North American nonprofit organization which aids people with disadvantages . At first glance their logo looks like a face with a smile , but with a closer look you will notice the lower case 'g' in their logo .


Excellent poems by not so famous poets... Found on toilet doors and walls... A budding poet trying his best... Here I lie in stinky vapour, Because some bastard stole the toilet paper, Shall I lie, or shall I linger, Or shall I be forced to use my finger.



Believe it or not it is simply a pencil.

Believe it or not it is simply a pencil.
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