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How to Train Your Mind

When your mind is focused on the results of those goals you’ll take the action necessary to follow up and make sure you achieve those goals. The minute you get distracted for a prolonged period – you lose sight of your objective and fail to accomplish those goals.

-By Karim Hajee


Think of it this way, you’re riding in a car driven by your personal driver and everytime your driver asks you where you want to go you simply say: “I don’t know. Wherever you want to go is fine with me.” Then when your driver takes you to the place of his choice you complain and say: “I don’t want to be here, take me somewhere else.” And again you say you don’t know where you want to go.

Mind Map Training
Mind Map Training

If you don’t train your mind to focus on your goals then your subconscious mind cannot create the situations that will help you achieve those goals and in the end your subconscious gets confused – thus creating more confusion for you — and you end up exactly where you don’t want to be.

When you have your mind focused on your goals you begin to find solutions and discover opportunities to help you achieve your goals. Your responsibility is to follow up on these opportunities.

Believe it or not I get a lot of calls and emails everyday from people who want to achieve their goals but simply can’t get their mind to focus on the tasks that need to be done in order to have the success that they want. This happens because the mind is simply not used to focusing on your goals and following up with completing those tasks. Simply put – your mind is just not used to doing this. So how do you get your mind to change? How do you train your mind?

The first step is to get the mind to stop doing what it is used to doing – or break the pattern that you’ve been following for so long. This will require some effort – but keep in mind that the reward is to be able to live the life you want and enjoy the level of success that you desire.

First start by going through your normal routine, then when you see yourself getting distracted and not following up on things that you wanted to do break the pattern. You can do this by doing something else, you can start following up on what you had planned to do, you can create a list and follow up wiht it regularly to see if you are on track. One thing that always works is to think about your goals every morning. As your in bed, think about your goals and think about what you can do to achieve them during the day.

If you find you constantly say: “I don’t know what do to do to achieve them.” Then you’re not looking for answers in the right place. Take a look at what other people have done to achieve similar goals and see if you can follow the same process. For example: If you want to make more money take a look at someone else who has made a lot of money and see what they’ve done. Can you follow their process? Maybe you can even talk to them about the process? If you want to meet someone and be in a healthy relationship, talk to a friend who is in a successful relationship and find out what they did.

By doing the above exercises you train your mind to focus on finding solutions while at the same time you direct your subconscious mind to create the opportunities for you to succeed. Another important event takes place as well – you begin to create a new pattern of thinking and thus you start to train the mind to work differently. You’re now telling your driver where you want to go.

A lot of times I get a comment similar to this from students: “Karim, I just can’t seem to concentrate. My mind is all over the place, what can I do?” First understand that you’re not going to magically get your mind to focus or concentrate without you taking some form of action. When you finally do take some action your mind will still resist — but as you continue taking action the resistance will subside. So what action can you take?

First start with the exercise I just outlined above. Next – meditate. Meditation is one of the best ways to relax and calm your mind while training it to focus better. When you meditate you actually start to clear the clutter that dominates your mind. Another step that can follow is to train the mind by working with other techniques that get you focused on your goals. You can work with affirmations, visualization, get the mind to see possibilities instead of limitations, energize your mind and body by bringing in the feeling of accomplishing your goals. All of these techniques and more are outlined in my Creating Power system.

Make The Time

Finally I wanted to touch on one important topic that keeps coming up. It seems a lot of people have come to believe that they just don’t have the time to achieve their goals. If you are one of the many who of people who believes this then you’ve really convinced yourself that your goals are not worthy of your time. Because if they were you would make the time for them. I’m not talking about spending an entire day or even a few hours. It’s only a few minutes at different intervals. Why try to get everything crammed into one hour? Why not try to work with different techniques at different intervals during the day? For example: you may have a few minutes while you’re taking a walk. Work with a technique. You could do some of these exercises while you’re taking a shower, driving, walking, anytime. Here’s a suggestion; the next time you are driving or taking a shower, pay attention to your thoughts. Are these thoughts actually working for your or against you? Would it be better to focus on your goals or keep recycling the negative clutter or junk in your head? The choice is yours – and taking action is really about taking a small step.

You don’t need to spend hours meditating. Even if you simply meditated for 5 or 10 minutes a day you’d be able to increase your ability to concentrate and focus by a 100-percent within a matter of days! Do it for weeks or months and you’ll have dramatic results. The Creating Power system is designed to fit into your everyday lifestyle. With Creating Power you don’t have to do lengthy exercises for hours at a time. These exercises are structured so that you do them during the day — and train your mind while it is consciously active.


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