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The legend of LACOSTE

The legend of LACOSTE

This accident happened in palawan… two kids were going home from their uncles house, it happen that they should cross a river connecting a way from their uncles to their home…. suddenly a 16 foot Philippine alligator attack… stealthily, the children of course aren’t aware of it, until it grabs one leg of her brother… pulls him down the river, smashes him side to side of the water until his completely helpless… weak and numb…. whats next?…

It devoured him…The other kid watched the most horrific scene of her life as the crocodile ate her brother alive, being stunned for a minute she ran to tell her parents and came with came searching for the crocodile with authorities and lots of people and professional crocodile hunters…

The image below defines what happened next…

The Legend Of Lacoste.
The Legend Of Lacoste.


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