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The Top 20 Reasons Not to Move to Dubai (in no particular order!)


Living in Dubai is not wonderful and glamorous, as many would have you believe.  Forget about what you’ve read, seen, and heard; those shiny buildings and manmade islands are all just smoke and mirrors.  There are so many things wrong with this place that I have decided to compile a list, a must read if you are considering a potential move to Dubai.
1. There is no standard address system making mail-to-the door delivery impossible.  In fact, it makes anything nearly impossible.  The taxi driver, here for only two days, and having learned English from old Beatles albums has no clue where your house is.  He won’t tell you that of course, he’ll just keep calling and saying, “Okay, okay.  Yeah, yeah.”  When you purchase something that requires delivery they do not have an address line, but a box where you are expected to draw a map.  Not able to draw a map?  Explain like this: I live on the street after the airport road, but before the roundabout.  Go past the mosque and make a U-turn.
2. The government blocks all web sites that it deems “offensive” to the “religious, moral, and cultural values” of the UAE.  That’s hard to swallow for a freedom loving American, but I get it.  I do not understand, however, why all VOIP access and related web sites are blocked.  I guess the government also takes offense to people inexpensively contacting their families back home.  You’re welcome to call using the analog service provided by the government-owned telephone monopoly, but it will cost you a whole lot more.  So much so, in fact, your frequency of calls will be greatly diminished if you can afford them at all.  The government says VOIP is blocked for security reasons, yet even the residents of communist China and North Korea have access to these inexpensive calls.
3. It is really hot outside.  Not Florida in July hot; Hot as if you were locked in a car in Florida in July with sufficient humidity to make it feel as though you are drowning.  Hot as in 120 degrees with nearly 100% humidity.  Do not look to the wind for relief.  This is the equivalent of pointing a hairdryer on full blast directly at your face.  Pour fine moon dust-like sand over your head as you do this and you get the picture.
4. There are too few trees, plants, and grass – or living things aside from us crazy humans, for that matter.  Ever see a bird pant?  I have.  In my opinion, human beings were not meant to live in such a place.  If we were, there would be sufficient water and shade.  The only greenery around are the roadside gardens planted by the government, who waters the hell out of them in the middle of the day.  Thanks a lot!  Didn’t you say we should cut down on our water consumption because you are unable to keep up with the demand?  I have an idea: let’s all move someplace where it’s not 120 degrees outside.
5. This country prides itself so much on its glitz and glamour that it put a picture of its 7-star hotel on the license plate. Yet, the public toilets in the king-of-bling Gold Souk district are holes in the ground with no toilet paper or soap.  Hoses to rinse your nether regions, however, are provided.  This results in a mass of water on the floor that you must stand in to pee.  Try squatting without touching anything and keeping your pants from touching anything either.  Oh yeah.  It’s 120 degrees in there too.
6. This country encourages businesses to hire people from other poor countries to come here and work.  They have them sign contracts that are a decade long and then take their passports.  Even though taking passports is supposedly illegal, the government knows it happens and does nothing to enforce the law. These poor people are promised a certain pay, but the companies neglect to tell them they will be deducting their cost of living from their paychecks, leaving them virtually penniless – that is, if they choose to pay them.  Companies hold back paychecks for months at a time.  When the workers strike as a result, they are jailed.  Protesting is illegal, you see (apparently this law IS enforced). These people will never make enough to buy a ticket home and even if they do, they do not have their passports.  They live crammed in portables with tons of others, in highly unsanitary conditions.  The kicker: they are building hotels that cost more to stay in for one night than they will make in an entire year.  Things are so bad that a number of laborers are willing to throw themselves in front of cars because their death would bring their family affluence in the form of diya, blood money paid to the victim’s family as mandated by the government.
7. Things are not cheaper here.  I’m sick of people saying that.  I read the letters to the editor page of the paper and people say to those who complain about the cost of living rising here, “Well, it’s cheaper than your home country or you wouldn’t be here.”    The only thing cheaper here is labor.  Yes, you can have a maid – but a bag of washed lettuce  will cost you almost $10.
8. There are traffic cameras everywhere.  I consider this cheating.  Where are the damn cops?  I drove around this city for weeks before I ever even saw a cop.  Trust me, they need traffic cops here.  People drive like idiots. It’s perfectly okay to turn left from the far right lane, but speeding even just a couple of kilometers over will get you fined.  These cameras are placed strategically as you come down hills, or just as the speed limit changes.  Before you know it…BAM!  Fined.  Forget to pay the bill and your car will be impounded..
9. The clothing some of these women wear makes no sense to me.  I understand that as part of your religion you are required to dress in a particular way, but a black robe over your jeans and turtleneck and cover your head when it is 120 degrees outside?  In the gym some women wear five layers of clothing…sweatpants and t-shits over sweaters with headscarves.  Yet the men’s clothing makes absolute sense: white, airy, and nothing underneath but their skivvies.
10. People stare at you.  I am sick of being stared at.  I’m stared at by men who have never seen a fair-skinned blue-eyed woman before, or who have and think we are all prostitutes so it’s okay to stare.  They stare at me when I am fully covered or with my husband, and even follow me around.  It’s beyond creepy and has brought me to tears on more than one occasion.  The staring is not limited to men, either.  I’m stared at angrily by female prostitutes who think I am running in on their territory by having a few drinks with my husband at the bar.
11. Prostitutes?  Oh hell yes, there are prostitutes.  Tons of them.  So, let me get this straight, I can’t look at a naked picture of a person on the Internet in the privacy of my home, but it is okay to go out in public and buy a few for the night?
12. Alcohol can only be sold in hotels and a handful of private clubs.  A person must own a liquor license to consume in the privacy of their own home.  To obtain a liquor license you must get signed approval from your boss, prove a certain level of salary that determines how much you are allowed to buy, and then submit several mug shots (aka passport photos) for approval.  Pay the fee and the additional 30% tax on every purchase and you may drink at home.  Then again, you can just pick up a few bottles in the airport duty free on your way in to the country, but two is the max.  Why not just drive out to Ajman where it’s a free-for-all and load up the SUV?  It’s easy enough, but crossing the Emirates with alcohol is illegal – particularly in the dry emirate of Sharjah, which just happens to lie between Dubai and Ajman.  Go figure.
13. Not only do you have to get your boss’s approval to obtain a liquor license, but you must also get the company’s approval to rent property, have a telephone, or get satellite TV.
14. Back to the craziness on the roads: If I see one more kid standing up and waving to me out the back window while flying down the road at 160 kph…whatever happened to seatbelts?
15. When is the weekend again?  Let me get this straight: the weekend used to be Thursday and Friday, but no one took off all of Thursday, just a half day really.  Now the government says Friday and Saturday are the weekend, but some people only take off Friday, others still take a half day on Thursday, but some might just take a half day on Saturday instead.  Anyway you slice it, Sundays are workdays and little business can be accomplished Thursday through Saturday.
16. There are few satellite television operators:.  The movie channels play movies that are old and outdated.  Many of them went straight to video back in the States.  Every sitcom that failed in the US has been purchased and is played here.  Old episodes of Knight Rider are advertised like it is the coolest thing since sliced bread.  The TV commercials are  repeated so often that I am determined NOT to buy anything I see advertised on television here just for thee principle of it.  When I say repeated often, I mean every commercial break – sometimes more than once.
17. The roads are horribly designed.  Driving ten minutes out of the way to make a U-turn is not uncommon.  People are not able to give directions most of the time (remember reason #1), and the maps are little help because most have few road names on them, if any.  Where is interchange four?  You just have to hope you got on the freeway in the right place and start counting because they are not numbered.  Miss it and you’ll likely end up on the other side of town before you are able to turn around and go back.
18. Taxi drivers are dangerous and smell. Taxi drivers work very hard here to earn a living because travel by taxi is still relatively inexpensive, even though the cost of living is not (see reason #7).  Because of this you may have a driver who has had little sleep or the opportunity to shower for several days.  Many of these drivers have just as much difficulty finding their way around as you do, but add to this a third-world country driving style and extreme exhaustion and, well, remember to buckle up for safety.
19. Speeding is an Emirati sport and Emirates Road is just an extension of the Dubai Autodrome.  I know I keep mentioning the roads, but really, much of this city’s issues are encompassed by the erratic and irrational behavior displayed on its streets.  Visions of flashing lights on even flashier, limo-tinted SUVs haunt me as I merge on to the highway.  Local nationals are somehow able to get the sun-protecting dark window tint denied to us lowly expats and use it to hide their faces as they tailgate you incessantly at unbelievably high speeds, their lights flickering on and off and horn blaring repeatedly.  It doesn’t matter that you can’t get over, or if doing so would be particularly dangerous, they will run you off the road to get in front of you.  Don’t even think about giving someone the finger; the offense could land you in jail.  Tailgating is, unbelievably, legal.
20. Dubai is far from environmentally friendly.  Ever wonder how much damage those manmade islands are doing to the delicate ocean ecosystem?  Coral reefs, sea grasses, and oyster beds that were once part of protected marine lands lie choked under a barrage of dredged up sea sand.  Consider the waste that occurs from erecting buildings on top of these sand monsters and from the people that occupy them coupled with the lack of an effective recycling program and you have an environmental disaster on your hands.  Add to this more gas guzzling SUVs than fuel-efficient cars on the road and the need for 24-hour powerful air-conditioning and its evident that the environment is not high on the priority list of the UAE.
So while I’m sure there are benefits to living in Dubai, tax breaks, multi-cultural environments, and beautiful buildings aside, reconsider your plans to move here if any of the above mentioned reasons strikes a chord within you.  Dubai is a city caught in an identity crisis.  Struggling somewhere between its desire to be a playground for the rich and its adherence to traditional Islamic roots, rests a city that lacks sufficient infrastructure to support its delusions of grandeur.  Visit if you must, but leave quickly before you are sucked into its calamitous void.

I haven’t been to Dubai EVER 🙁


  1. this is your point of view.
    Dubai is a dreamland if you got used to muslim women’s dress and climate. As for the toilets, muslims always have hoses in them. Excuse-me but washing your delicate genital parts with water is cleaner than using just paper. Think about it.

  2. Oh my goodness, you have no right to judge the women’s cultural attires. Not everyone share the same beliefs, so stop projecting your distastes onto their Islamic ways.

  3. Sounds really bad.. but looks really cool. I love to visit if i had the money probably for a short time like u said. And what the point of arab, muslims, and islamic people wearin all those clothes it just dosent make sense especially if its hot as hell there. islamic arab and muslim men are gay they cover up there women as if they are ugly, let ur women be free and give some respect.Women are beautiful so stop being HOMO and let them show alittle skin GOD DAMMIT.. ILOVE AMERICA

  4. excellent article..
    the comment left by shadowman is completely ridiculous, how can you choose defending the toilet system, when she clearly mentions the labourers over there and how they throw themselves in front of cars so that their families can get some money?!completely idiotic post, and i can imagine that person probably has their own maid and apartment or whatever it is in dubai…
    rant aside, i could never countenance living in a society like that…too fake and when i know how these buildings are put up, it almost makes me sick!read this article for some more info..

  5. Oh my gosh , emirates is so Great , and stop saying that about them , They’re Cool , i already visited Egypt , and it was so cool , so shut the Fuck Up u loser you’re just so Jealous!!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEE DUUUUUBAAAAIII !!!!

  6. I totally agree on the writers’ view. I don’t think that she is throwing out words. I actually was impressed to see the unique buildings of Dubai and I actually wanted to visit in the near future. But hearing of this article give me less attention to visiting Dubai but I still wanna visit anyway. I’m a Christian born in a Muslim country (Malaysia) has slight knowledge about Muslims. I think the Muslim women in Dubai should not wear clothes that make them feel hot. I mean what the writer said that is 120 degree Celsius! Goddamn! Thats’ freaking HOT! In Malaysia, Muslim women don’t cover up themselves. I think the Dubai government should reconsider that.
    Thanks for giving this information. At least I got a glimpse on Dubai.

  7. Excuse me CHRIS but you have no right whatsoever 2 say that Muslim women should show some skin. They are only following their religion and they do it because they know they have 2 answer ALLAH when they die.Nobody tells the women in the USA to cover up so nobody should tell Muslim women to show skin either.think before you speak,ok??

    • I am an American woman married to an Egyptian and I am living in Egypt. The clothing that I wore in America is accepted by the people here as very conservative. Yes there are many conservative people who live in America. And many who are not conservative. I don’t belive men should expose their legs by wearing shorts. But they do here in Egypt. I don’t judge them that is their choice. I am just showing a different view on this. Can we not look for the good in people? If someone is offensive to me, I don’t slander them, I quietly go my way and let them live their way. That is their choice. Or mine. Or yours. Take care and may things be well with you.

  8. it seems like the people in Dubai need to get things straightened out before the become a society that will prosper correctly. with all the screw ups it will take a long time for them to be worth go to. now if you had millions of $$ then im sure things would be way better than it would be for the normal everyday person that will struggle to make ends meet there.

  9. I like this article! There are good side and bad side on the said country, but what country doesnt have? Anyway, I do agree on what she said about some companies that are being run by the government. They hardly will send out the pays on you, especially on this time of economic plums, if not on the dot it would be on some later day as what my friend told me over the phone, he works 6 times a week by the way. And if the cops caught you driving with some liqour content on your system, they would put you in jail or even worse whip your ass out or even deport you, well that’s what my friend told me.

  10. I suspect that those fancy buildings will not weather the time. Its just a matter of time before they crumble, the ocean reclaimimg its own.

  11. 1. almost everyone here will try to scam you, in any way, I have studied hear and worked in Dubai for both internaltional & local companies.
    2. Do not beleive anybody in dubai
    3. The UAE people are not very social , I have leaved 12 years in the U.S., 2 years in mexico, 5 years in Iran , and 6 years in dubai, I have never had any UAE person approach me with a freindly conversation. All my freinds say the same thing.
    4.They think they are the masters of the universe because of few tall buildings financed by (Russain & Iranian blackmarket/money laundery).
    5.Connections are very here 100% , there is 0% value for education and 0% value for experience just connections.
    6.If your here for a reason do what you need fast dont get fooled by the glitz and night life ,get out as soon as possible.

  12. 1- I can compile a worse list of negatives about UK, USA, France or any country in the world. Negatives which do not exist in Dubai.
    2- I fail to understand other people’s advise about hot or cool clothing for Muslim women. Their business not ours.
    3- Freedom? Then let Muslim women be free to cover up if they wish. Freedom isn’t just about flashing your tities and upper thighs
    4- The article is not credible. Dubai is a world popular destination with Europeans making repeat visits and many more choosing to live there.
    5- Remember 80% of residents are foreign (not from Dubai). Says a lot.

    • I am an American woman married to an Egyptian living in Egypt. People will always find reasons to complain no matter where they go. By the way I am sure Dubai is a great place to visit. I have seen many commericals showing all the focul points to visit. America is a great place to visit, I am 54 and have never seen all of my country, I have lived in 23 states out of 50. Every community I lived in had great places to visit. But like everywhere in the world there are also bad places in my country, economy usually is the reason for crime anywhere in the world. The extreme wealthy taking from the poor, or the poor taking from an innocent victim because they feel they have no choice. My dream would be for every person in the world to worship if they want to or if they do not want to. For every person to respect each other. How about no crime, that would be the greatest accomplishment. Oh that includes crime commited for religious reasons, done throughout the centuries. I try to always look for the good in every person I meet.

  13. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Stopped reading after #10. Tired of being stared @????
    Well I guess that just sounds silly to me. A white American woman tired of being stared @. I’m African American. I bet U stare @ people like me everyday. Wait a second…..I KNOW U stare @ people like me everyday. Oh & before your small mind wanders to where I think it will, let me say this: I’ve never been arrested, convicted or jailed for any crime EVER, I’m currently attending college (almost have my degree), and I live in a good community that I contribute to as much as I can….just so people like U can stop starring @ me. Why so scary?

  14. I don’t know if their god, if ever he exist, like the way woman are treated in such hot temperatures. They are indeed forced to dress that way. What a cruel type of worship!!! It’s outrageous.

  15. lols. i think clothing preferences and choices wil remain a bone of contention for as long as common sense is debatable. al the same, i seriously protest to such treatment of workers & th eco system. its nt right. nd it wil pay. in due course. glas is too fragile a material t build ur ambitions on.

  16. RAYMOND:
    PLEASE, spare us you’re tired bullshit. This woman sounds anything but racist. If anything she sound extremely non racist. Yeah you stopped at “light skinned blue eyed” because in your twisted head EVERYONE that has that description is ultra privy and are always keeping the black man down. This woman could be married to a black gentleman. she never said but by they way she talks, it wouldn’t surprise me. This article is about a person first hand view of the huge short comings and unfulfilled promises made by this whack job of man called Dubai. IT IS NOT ABUT YOU RAYMOND. However I am sure you make everything you can about you and racism. This woman doesn’t have an issue with your race, YOU DO. you make it so very obvious. I’m not a random comment leaving person, but what you said about this seemingly extremely nice woman was way out of line and frankly, the argument you present is so tired. It doesn’t hold water anymore with anyone. find new one to moan about.

    I’ve only recently arrived in Dubai from Canada and I can honestly say that just about every point you made is BANG ON! Well done. I didn’t know about the labour issues though and that makes me feel even more disheartened.
    I do love some things about Dubai though. However the hardest part is seeing so many people that look unhappy here… even angry! I don’t agree with the religious beliefs that put women on a level than men. It sits wrong in my soul. And I miss the sexual energy that I enjoy so much in North America. But there are some beautiful Emirate women here… if only they were ‘allowed’ to show it. Oh well, time will tell.
    Thanks again!

  18. I understand that this article is just giving me the authors perspective but to try to convince me that muslim woman in Dubai and especially Dubai are FORCED to wear hot dark religious clothing in the heat of summer is such a far cry. Whatever happened to freedom of choice and personal space. I know men don’t like the idea,in fact we love to see a chick pass by with her cleavage exposed and her silicon titied nipples desperately trying to cut through the thin fabric that does little covering them. It gives us a hard on & makes us feel masculine. But hey if u wanna see fair naked skin uve got ure own beaches which far outnumber the conservative muslim beaches in teh mid east. Still hunger for more visit France or Australia we’ve got some nude beaches down here. But for god sakes stop trying to enforce ure twisted idea of a moraly stable community on others.

  19. What these women wearing are somehing they weared since they were children and influenced by history. Stupid american like you, think everyone in this world has to wear American clothes? you are a jerk. You have totally no idea what this world about. Go fuck yourself shithead.

  20. This is ridiculous! I always knew Dubai had problems, but I had no idea they were effectively turning people into slaves by taking their passports like that. Pretty sure that kind of behaviour can go on for only so long before the UN steps in or there’s a major riot that gets on the world news about it… In either case something needs to happen.

    • No, something is not going to happen. It has been going on in many, MANY contries for a ling time. The UN doesn’t care.

  21. WOW! This is incredible…no wonder the world is in so much trouble. Do you have to curse each other? Imagine if you were face to face…I can see the blood spilling over. I am a Muslim male from South America living in New York going on 30 years and think I can teach the Arabs, Indians, Pakistanis and perhaps all the Muslims in that region what is Islam. Before I continue…If you are a Muslim stop cursing because the prophet of Islam said if you curse someone you have cursed your own father. The first thing Islam teaches a person is not prayers or how to worship God it is how to purify yourself. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and there is good and bad in every country of this world. I gather from all the information here that more than one person indicated that Dubai is not the kind of place anyone should want to live in. Some of the information came from people living there so there is a lot of credence in it. The leaders of every Muslim country are afraid to give education to the people because they are afraid of being over thrown. Because of this young men are mislead by radical scholars to commit suicide for the cause of God. Islam tells every Muslim if two of them fight and one is killed they both go to Hell. Also, if you kill an innocent person it is as if you have killed all of mankind. The prophet of Islam had Jews and Christians living among him and his companions and he never killed them. Think I went off tangent but one last point to the topic, I came from a tropical country that is next to the equator and after seven years of living in New York I went back and couldn’t stand the heat, I was sweating like a pipe. This tells me that people adapt to climate and conditions. There are many people in Arab lands that are Christians and you see them covering like Muslims when the travel through the desert. We are all children of Adam, our blood has the same color, we were all created from the earth and will return to the earth. God says he is the creator of our languages and color and made us nations and tribes…peace to all of you in this forum and may God guide us all.

  22. I am sure no one is forced to accept this article..but has it occerd to any one what would happen to those hard working people with out pasport if they stop working or if the women decide enough is enough and stop wearing those cloth.. I can imagine the ….. to build the most incredible biulding in the labor of other and to deny the freedom to be yourself sounds to me hell and it has nothing to what your bleive is..

  23. I can’t say whether this article was very credible or not, but a few points to be cleared. Muslim women only cover up in a sense to protect males. See a person needs to keep their body pure but if a girl is showing 90% of her skin, doesn’t that make a guy want to bang her and what happens? You lose purity. The section about the jobs, I believe that’s true to some extent. My father had a friend who worked in Dubai and he only came home once a year or so, it’s like getting a leave from the armed forces. The crowded houses is also true, my father was telling me about how rich their hotels are, but the houses for average people are a dump. I don’t agree with the whole in the ground for a toilet, but the hose is a good idea, it is better to wash always keeping your self clean. Come on, it can’t be that hot. I went through Marine Corps Bootcamp from May to Augest in heavy clothes and boots with the sun burning. Good drivers I have to admit, only horrible street rules. I don’t believe people are under payed that much. Every country has it’s negatives and positives, if I write a list out of the negatives in America or UK, for a person that’s never been there will think it’s a nightmare but I’m fine living here. Thanks anyways, I enjoyed the article.

  24. Raymon , what part of africa did you live in before coming to live in america ? If you are going to say you are african, you should atleast know which part of africa.
    You are either african or american, not both.

    • You seem to completely ignore the existence of african-americans. I live in Europe and I know that it is correct to say asian-america, african-american etc. It means you are an american of (insert race) descent. Say the sons and daughter of slaves. Let me tell you-people do stare. White people aren’t used to it. Other races are. If you, a white person, complain about it, it is understandable, but you must consider that other races have been suffering this for AGES, so consider your privilege.

      • buzz
        I totaly agree with chuck. You are the only ignorant one here buzz (+ u r in Europe?!). I dont care what is PC (politicaly correct). If what u say is true. What ever happened to the European-Americans?????? Most american’s descend from migrants, both forced and voluntary. I am South-African my-self and white. btw Are egyptians not African according to u??!! Or is it only black-africans. (Yes :O I said black). But saying white is OK? Thats not racist at all right?

  25. This doesn’t make sense!
    Dubai is beautifull
    Went there 2 times!
    Enough grass, trees and other plants!
    People are nice to you and the prices are the same as in Europe!
    So, this article is nonsense!!

  26. I lived in Dubai for 4 years in the 90s. I’m sure much has changed then but I must say this assessment of Dubai, although some of it rings true, is heavily opinionated.
    As well, the negative viewpoints seem narrow. You failed to mention any positives about Dubai and I know there are because I lived there.

    • If you read the title of the article, it’s a list of reasons to not move to Dubai, not a list of it’s positive points. Why don’t you write an article detailing the good things that Dubai has to offer.

  27. well there are part of the article which is really true, regarding the labor, thats absolutely true because i was able to experience it when i was working in a 5 star hotel there, when you arrive they made you report to the HR in which they get your passport but one thing good about us is we have a very nice and descent flat…in every place there is good and there is bad thats the reality….but what matter is how you were able to adopt the place you are in.

    • do u even know what 3rd world means? they are more developped than most countrys and its only taken them 50 years and they are one of the richest.

  28. The Article would’ve made sense,
    though letting alone the approx 93% of it which is exaggerated .
    but that last line there,
    im sorry man, you should at least pass by the airport here 🙂

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    Both Ron and Lisa Park are SCAMMERs Watch out for them.

    • Well you know what they say about those that “scream the loudest”. Come out of the closet sweetie. You’ll be ok.


    • Hasn’t anyone ever taught you not to generalize? You have no idea how ignorant and childish you sound. You don’t know anything about America or Americans.

        • Perhaps everyone should consider when posting on sites such as this that your comments represent your religion as well as your country. If you want people to respect your opinion, religion and country first begin by exhibiting yourself in a respectful manner. Whoever your God may be, make him proud! Lead by example and be it that people want to know your God because they know you.
          Much love and light to you all as you travel on your journey.

  31. It doesn’t make sense!
    I was in dubai 3 times, Every time better than the previous time!
    Dubai is a modern advanced city. In just 15 years it has become one of the best cities of the world…

  32. In addition anyone has its own personal opinions. (specially about dressing) To think that maybe your believe is wrong (not their believe!)

  33. in comment to speed cameras and no ploice, ive lived out there and there are barely any speed cameras and police everywhere.

  34. oh and dubai is like breathing 100% oxygen compared to the polution caused in america, check your facts m8 before you start complaining about somehing you know nothing about yeh

  35. well… I understand your pain if it really is like that
    I lived in Indonesia and experience some similar issues
    at least your apartment don’t shake because a bomb went off in Marriott hotel a few blocks away killing many people…..
    but then we don’t need licence for alcohol and women don’t cover up with black robes.

  36. I think you are a sad fat yank ugly bitch who is pissed off with the world, go live back in america with all the other retarded inbread cunts. keep your opinions of other countries to yourself

  37. I am sorry but I have lived there and besides what many say about the USA and north America, as well as Europe for the most part, I THINK THIS GUY IS SPOT ON!!!!! 75% of the points ARE RIGHT ON, GOOD ON YA MAN!
    Sometimes people say things we do not want to hear but hey, SUCH IS LIFE!

  38. kartikaya and joe, please don’t hate on Americans. You are acting creepy, discriminatory and generalizing.
    Be nice, and positive things will happen to you.

  39. she wasn’t placing judgement on the women. she was sympathizing with them, stating that, in a climate like that, the woman have to be completely uncomfortable and the men get to wear light clothing. also, someone mentioned that all this stuff goes on in america. maybe the asshole driving, yes, but as far as the mail, whether, lack of addresses, the difficulty in purchasing alcohol, and all of the other factors mentioned, she was just sharing her experience and giving a warning to other fellow americans of the differences. there’s absolutely nothing wrong with her expressing her opinion, and honestly, im glad to have read this because i considered visiting dubai, and now i realize this is simply not the place for me. so thank you. another beautiful thing in america… freedom of speech

    • i suggest still go for a visit. i lived there for 10 years and still consider it the best years of my life. life is simple and not as stressful as it is here in usa. i would trust more people there than here in u.s.

      • What is her business with their mode of dressing? who has ever questioned about her naked dressing? well if you have noticed it, every descent Muslim woman will dress like that, even in the US you can notice that, its not only in Dubai. The dressing is a code and we live by it. Non-Muslim believe that they’re here in this world to enjoy and we Muslims we believe that we’re created to worship and follow the rules send by our creator. so let everyone live his life.

  40. I agree with the posters ! i was just there and ive lived there for 7 years of my life! All this is utter rubbish! The place is Beautiful! and not once have i ever experienced anything like what has been said!
    We Americans need to realize there are country out there who actually are DOING things for there people and trying to improve and live there lives! While we go around destroying these country’s causing problems and havock! Our country is falling in despair and all we do is complain!

  41. اكتشف شيء جيد جدا لأنني مجنون الحب الكبير الرعب لألف مرة والأربعين التي ليس لديها اي شيء آخر

    • Yeah, Dubai is not for everyone. Dubai is for the Muslims and you will never like us nor our countries. you will never like Dubai because no alcohol and naked women like you have in US. If there’s a place to visit on this earth it would be Dubai “City Of Dreams”

  42. Dubai is not for everyone.
    I agree with every comment made by the writer of this article.
    I grew up in Dubai in early 1970s. And since then have gone
    back starting 1998,last trip was in 2008.
    Dubai is a third world arab country, surruounded by poor third world countries living in dark is a mirage of first world buildings and pretensions…and thats about it.
    Its really a brothel with prostitutes and liqour supplied
    to keep business running. It has no justice, nor any
    resemblance of a decent, civilized western society.
    I am sorry to say, as much as i love the place i grew up, its not the same anymore…every comment and observation made
    by the lady who wrote this article are true.

  43. you are so wrong. Dubai is a great place. Ive lived here since i was 3 months old. Sure its all abt glamour but the people are really nice and the malls are some of the best in the world. Youve never been to dubai so how can u say such things?
    dub ai is a fabolous place dont diss it

  44. “I haven’t been to Dubai EVER :(“‘
    I’m sorry. You fail. This probably wasn’t even written by you, since the experiences reference a woman who has a husband. and visited Dubai to receive these various experiences. So stop failing, cite the author, or if you wrote this yourself… You fail even harder.

  45. Why move to a country where Islam is the state religion. You pray to Allah one day, then rape an innocent female the next day. Religion is really evil. It creates more problem than solving it. Christianity was responsible for the dark ages. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the reason why we have these stupid wars. Islam is responsible for setting the Arab countries back to stone age. Religion is such a scam!

    • It’s difficult to separate “religion” from “practice of religion” with simple mind. Religion has been used by people, leaders for their gain. Thus it looks bad. But most of the religious people across all faith across the globe is peace loving. Again some bad apple giving it bad name. Lastly the analogy, a car is not a bad thing, reckless driving is. Peace!

  46. I have been to Dubai and my experience is completely different from what is said here. Dubaians are awesome. The place is beautiful. Things are rather cheap. I bought a ralph lauren perf worth 80bucks in USA for just about 50.its original. It depends on where u go.
    Give this guys thumbs up. They are the best in the Easter Europe. Thats why tourists flood to see this awesome place. You cant expect the perfection. Yeah its a muslim nation, yet multicultural. They wont crucify u if u’ve got other religion- so STOP ALL THE COMPLAINTS. Thumbs up Dubai.

  47. I currently live in Dubai having moved from Miami, Florida. The comments are mostly true; however, I was always told you could not get internet, satellite TV, cell phone, car rental or housing without a resident visa or permission from your employer. This is not true. If you have the money you can have whatever you desire in Dubai. There are too many people here who will tell you wrong information. Just go out and figure things out for yourself. The driving is the absolute worst I have seen anywhere in the world. Everyone appears to be in a hurry to go nowhere. What the pretty pictures dont show you is right next to the massive building is a pile of garbage, dirt, sand, dead plants and a sidewalk that was never finished. Walking can be dangerous since I have never seen a sidewalk that was completed, forcing you to walk on the street until the sidewalk picks up again where you will encounter the worlds worst drivers mentioned above.

  48. Appreciating The life in Dubai Depends on who you’re. It is perfect for the Muslims and Horrible for the Non-Muslims more especially the Americans. This is because Porn sites are blocked by the government, no naked women, no alcohol and everyone can notice that Majority of the people making Negative comment on this precious city are criticizing on women dressing and alcohol. so please if you’re looking for a dirty place like US, then find another Dirty city in Europe like France where all streets is filled with naked women with their dirty cheap ass holes just as in strip clubs and every tap is filled with alcohol, no need to go to the store and buy one.

  49. WTF seriously noooo im living in dubai and trust me its no london (where i used to live) but its nothing like what youve mentioned dubai is great…..if u have the money u obviously live a less luxurious lifestyle in dubai….and if youre so sick of the taxis how about getting a car now theres an idea or cant you afford that either.

  50. I got a permanent job offer in a bank in Dubai.
    Salary about 18000 AED per month. I am married too (don’t have children.
    I am an Indian, and have to sponsor my wife by myself and pay every expense by myself, like housing, food, travelling, electricity & water etc.
    I am a Muslim biologically but I really don’t follow any religion, My wife is a Non-Muslim girl.
    I don’t drink, nor do I have too many fascinations. A simple living guy.
    How much will it cost to me per month in AED, is it okay if I get 18K AED.
    Reply Appreciated

  51. If this women is having so many issues is dubai why is she there? Dubai is a great place to live and those that feel it isnt and cant respect the muslim religion or the culture should leave. Why is the muslim women dress looked up as oppression? Why is the nuns attire not looked at in the same way?? The nun is fully covered as is the muslim woman!. Dubai has 80% expats so how horrid can it be. It highly disgusting that people choose to live in it and then wite 20 reasons why u shouldnt. At least the rape rate is lower here unlike the uk and america may be because the women dont flash there bits and are loved for what they are within. As for toilets the muslims are the cleanest people on earth washing the privates after every toilet visit and performing abulation 5 times a day. If you dont like them woman leave there country!!!!

    • “At least the rape rate is lower here unlike the uk and america may be because the women dont flash there bits and are loved for what they are within”
      Are you correlating the rate of rape in the UK and America with the fact that women are permitted to dress how they like? Very dangerous argument. Blaming the victim is never the correct solution.

    • I am American, I am not catholic. Catholic worshippers do not wear nuns clothing. The nuns wear this in reverance to their service to God by their choice. The majority of muslim women are forced to wear the clothing. By the way I live in Egypt, the people are wonderful. The toilets are horrible. So what if you hose off if the sanitary conditions are disease waiting to happen. The only clean toilet I have been in is the American Embassy. I almost didn’t comment on the toilets but my husband said it is the truth so write it. By the way he is Egyptian. But to repeat myself, the people here are wonderful. There are good people all over the world, and there are bad. Let’s be thankful the good out weigh the bad.

  52. I go too dubaii A LOTand seriously its nt bad and as far as the environment thing they have national no cars days and smoking days u might think its only a day but it makes a huge difference I live in the uk and the crime and rape rate here is way higher and also the poverty rate.
    in dubai its not expensive I know ~~!
    and the clothing and alcohol is a religious thing so fuck off same with the weekend its friday and saturday soo way who cares the only reason eu and us have sunday off is because sunday is "gods day " (for christians ).
    u know wat u said sort of counts as rasicm because u are jus saying bad things about dubai dubai is amazing.
    btw I am not from dubai or any other arab countries actually were I'm from we are nt good with arabs history ( saudi arabia) but we love dubai and uae and the people u have no fucking right to say shit about there country u retard!

  53. The last line says it all, I guess.
    You have no right to comment with so much detail and ramble nonsense about a place you've never been to.
    I have been to most of Europe, a bit of the USA, South East and Far East Asia. I have lived in Dubai all my life and can vouch for its awesomeness.

    • 1) Mind your language. Using abusive language really does nothing to prove your stand.
      2) On what context are you calling me a "deluded asswipe"?
      3) The only reason I can consider you to be sane after what you've written is if you told me you were high or drunk when you did so.

    • You sound like the White guy who assumes himself to be superior to _______ (Indian/African/Filipino etc.) simply for being White.

  54. You get "brought to tears" because someone stares at you? You're psychotic. Also, for the record everybody: THIS IS A EXACT CUT-AND-PASTE from a 2007 article: ( DUBAI), so you didn't compile SHIT as you clearly claim you did, "There are so many things wrong with this place that I have decided to compile a list." This is what YOU said.~ L.

  55. I lived there for a good few years and had a great time but the above comments are all TRUE. I cannot believe others who live there cannot see that…it baffles me. Dubai is great as long as things are good but if things go bad you will find yourself in jail with no support.
    And to quote some moron above, the reason crime and rape rates are lower here is because crime figures are much closer to the truth in civilised countries….wake up people and don’t believe the tripe the media there tells you…

  56. stop talking shit u bitch stop giving wrong informations. I am staying in dubai for the last 14 years and except the labour thingy others u have made almost 98% of the things u mentioned! it may be u who cant afford or having a sad life!

  57. All that you said is true. I am an arab but lebanese. I have also visited the uae and other arab countries. All arab countries including my own are very hypocritical and racist. I think this happens to any country that is politically and socialy dominated by one race and when religion controls everything. My country is much more liberal than all arab countries and we have christians and muslims yet we face the problem of male dominance and religouse control.
    As for those that are saying that women are free to be dresses in black veils I completly dissagree. If veiling women like this was healthy it wouldn’t be negatively affecting arab men and women they way it is. First of all its not freedom when you impose veils on women. Second uae men and all arab men are so sexually frustrated because they have only seen veiled women. This is leasing them to travel frequently to seek prostitutes in poorer countries and their countries. Uae and saudi women pay to men in my country to sleap with them. Extra conservatism leads to sexual frustration,perversion and explotation of poor men and women. Arab man and women are also bisexual and many resort to pedophilia. Don’t tell me I am making things up because they are the number one sex turists in my country and we know what they do. Read the book of sultan the saudi princess it explains a lot. I am not judging. They are victims so please don’t defend something so negative.
    That doesn’t mean other countries din’t have negative things. Americans and many europeans tend to judge a lot and they are not even aware of the shit that is happening in their societies and countries.
    The whole world is messed up because we let people control us

    • I am American, living in Egypt, married to an Egytian. My husband is a gentle kind man. I love my mother country. I am 54 and no I did not live in my country with blinders on nor do most Americans. I was robbed at gunpoint by an American and my oldest son was abducted at the age of 5, thank God he was found within a few hours safe and unharmed. In 54 years that is all the harm I suffered from strangers. Women in America suffered under male domination and abuse until they rose up and demanded their rights. No it was not overnight, but it happened. I always say if the women in the world went on strike in their own homes this country would be a better place. Living in Egypt I feel for the women who wear layers of clothing in the desert sun of Suez. I almost feel guilty because I do not wear a veil. I do wear long sleeves and skirts to the ground. I want to be respectful to the custom. I sweat something horrible. The muslim men wear shorts and tank tops, short sleeves. They are all nice and cool. The women leave huge puddles of sweat wearever they sit. I feel for them and wish they could know the joy of a cool breeze running through their hair. I say all of this because I have lived in America (a great country) and I live in Egypt (trying to become a great country – in time hopefully they will succeed). What makes America great is simple. You have the right to choose. You can choose to be bad and spend your life in jail. Or, you can choose to be good and enjoy the benefits of what life offers.
      And you are right regligion should not control. A governments job should be to protect the rights of those who are religious as well as those who are not.
      When the Twin Towers went down, I did not blame every Arab. Only those who were responsible. There are many Muslims in my hometown in America, some good friends of mine. They and their children did not suffer one bad comment after the bombings.
      My son was shot in Iraq (he is fine) yet his best friend in the Army is an Egyptian. And this is the way it should be. People on their own are generally good. It is when radical thoughts are forced on them that changes occur. Example Germany with Hitler.
      For some reason your comment reached me. It made me want you to know about me, a woman American. Take care and I hope your future is wonderful.

  58. Are you serious? How in the hell, can you give so much info to a place you never been? You'd scare the hell out of someone who wants to visit the area!

  59. Thank you for your opinion of the place…… l guess l needed to know this before hand. Now l don't have a desire to go….. what for.

    • I can tell you it’s better to live than London, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Washington D.C., just to name a few.
      Singapore is definitely better, but Dubai is a really, really good city.

    • Hi Natasha,
      The person who wrote this has never been to Dubai, ever. How can you take his opinion?
      Have you been to Tokyo? It’s so overpopulated that you don’t have a place to stand. And it stinks of fish.
      But I’ve never been to Tokyo, but whatever, right?

  60. Yeah, she clearly makes comments about her actually being in Dubai, so that comment about never having been there is something else attached.
    And I just moved back from Dubai and most of what she says is totally true. In fact she left out the horrible customer service (read no customer service), the place basically running like a 3rd World country, nutty laws, major sense of entitlement from some people, a general sense of self-centredness etc.
    And it's such a relief to be home and be able to go to the mall or wherever and not be creeped on and propositioned (basically every time I went out, multiple times in one outing, even followed home or in parking lots by drivers, and all of them 'Muslim'!)
    There are some fun things about Dubai; lots of great places to eat, unusual things to do, big/flashy things to see, fancy parties to attend and get your pictures in magazines, etc. But when all that wears off and you're just trying to 'live' there it's not a great place. Definitely wouldn't want to raise kids there.

  61. Friends, I believe that the primary purpose of thi post / blog has been defeated and the person who will read this will now get confused and will not be able to take a decision, i.e. whether to move or not to move to Dubai.
    I would request you all to stop fighting with each other and stop confusing the website visitors.
    Grow up…
    No offences for anyone.

  62. Friends, I believe that the primary purpose of this post / blog has been defeated and the person who will read this will now get confused and will not be able to take a decision, i.e. whether to move or not to move to Dubai.
    I would request you all to stop fighting with each other and stop confusing the website visitors.
    Grow up…
    No offences for anyone.

  63. ur requirment is naked peoples, liquor, drugs, no cameras, and u think ur perfectly correct
    ur r an idiot man
    u know worlds lagrgest rape country is america
    more than 2300 rape case and only uae which has rapes less than 10 per year

    • “uae which has rapes less than 10 per year”
      That’s a bunch of hogwash. In the UAE, it requires testimony from four MALE witnesses to “prove” a charge of rape. Failing that, any woman who dares report being raped will end up with more jail time than her attacker, because she’ll be charged with “making false statements”. I’m surprised there are even 10 rapes “proven” per year under those conditions.
      Basically, a man can rape a woman there without fear of punishment. It won’t even be reported.

  64. hey lady
    1.uae is the only country with crime rates less than 10% per year
    2.america got the credit of most no of rapes per year but we cannot blame mens living there bcoz now american ladies doing strikes for showing their boobs .
    3.uae got tax free
    4.u said poor countries are invited to uae for doing business u know jp morgan , the banking king got business in dubai
    5.u can have mercedes , ferrarri bmw audi any cars of low cost than any country because of tax free and in europe u cannot dream of a ferrari
    6.womens in uae covering their body totally because they dont want to get raped.
    7. everybody looking at blue eyed europians becoz most of the blue films coming from europe and peoples are thinking may be she is the lady that i have seen yesterdays fucking movie required for internet connection its for the safety of the country
    9. if u do not like the roads her u gotta blame usa engineers , they fixed the road disign and uae has following american standards
    10 uae has worlds tallest building , one and only seven star hotel, largest university, largest airpor with undeground fleight parking fascility, largest aquarium, largest mall{dubai mall}
    largest widest road{sheikh zayed road}
    in 2015 dubai would become the airport which has largest no of passengers c
    11. currently uae got 53 billion passengers per year and london heathrow has 73 billion
    12. hidden camera for safety of ours then only peoples like u avoid rash driving
    13. uae is the only country u can live without any life risk
    14. peoples cannot buy guns like america
    15. nobody got safety in usa
    16. all channnels are available if it is not getting that should be ur connection problem
    17. sex site are banned for goodness of the peoples
    if u need u could use hotspot shield for getting access of sex sites
    18. taxi drivers has not speaking eng verywell because they r not from usa nad england eventhough they are speaking
    19.muslims are the only kind of peoples doing ablution five times with a shower
    20 muslims dont fuck at public place like some europian couples