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Thirteen weird facts about women

Thirteen weird facts about women
Thirteen weird facts about women

It is generally believed that the difference between men and women is enormous. Women and men differ in almost every imaginable aspect of human life, especially when it comes to psychology.

  • A woman does not have a man’s habit to scratch her noggin when she thinks of an answer to a confusing question, for example. Women do not like to show they are confused. They never want to ruin their hairdo with that gesture either.
  • Women will never understand why footballers stand in a line with their hands crossed before a penalty kick during a match. In addition, women never shudder when a male character gets kicked in the groin in a movie.
  • When a woman yawns she covers her mouth with the palm of her hand, not with a fist.
  • After taking a bath, a woman grabs a towel and makes a turban on her head from it, at least for one minute. The reasons of such a weird Oriental ritual are unknown.
  • A woman does not get mad when her underwear gets stuck between her buttocks. Women joyfully wear those items of torture called bikinis.
  • Many women worry about their looks when having sex.
  • Women open bottles with bottle openers.
  • A woman feels awkward if she does not carry anything in her hands. That is why they always carry their handbags around.
  • Women are absolutely indifferent to their genitals; they hardly know each other. Women do not talk to them, they do not give funny nicknames to them and they never get angry with them.
  • Sitting down in public transportation, women keep their legs together. That is why men often prefer to sit next to a woman because in this case they can sit spread-eagle.
  • If a woman finds her fly unzipped in a public place, she does not seem to care too much about it.
  • When a woman dresses up to go out, she puts on a blouse first. Pants come second. Men work it vice versa.
  • Finally, when an act of love ends, women do not feel like sleeping. They feel like talking and kissing.


  1. – I guess we don’t like to show confusion? Don’t know where you got that from
    – I don’t think we’ll “never understand”
    – The act of wrapping the head in a towel after bathing is to dry the hair, so the towel can absorb the water out of the hair.
    – I guess, I yawn with my palm to my mouth…
    – Yes we get mad when we get a wedgie, but usually only when we’re wearing large underpants because its more uncomfortable
    – Yeah, a lot of women feel uncomfortable with their looks during sex. I don’t understand why
    – wtf women don’t always feel awkward without a handbag what’s wrong with you?
    – Some women do, in fact, name their genitals and breasts
    – Wow really?
    – Yes we care if our fly is down
    – Huh. Yeah. I agree with that on a personal level
    – So what? Maybe you didn’t work hard enough, cowboy.

  2. this is such a sweeping generalization that it’s laughable. i cover my mouth with my fist when i yawn and i’m a woman. and it’s very bad for your hair to have any contact with a towel. when i shampoo, i use a t shirt to dry my hair, better for the hair. this list is pretty stupid.

  3. DId a completely clueless man write this?
    * I scratching your head wont ruin a hairdo.
    * I have shuddered on multiple occasions watching a groin shot. I may not personally know the feeling, but I know it hurts for a guy, and a women getting kicked there isn’t the most pleasant feeling either
    * I’ve seen plenty of guys do it with the palm of their hands. But I don’t pay attention enough to know how I cover my yawns.
    * It helps dry the hair and keep it off of the back of your neck. Guys (with short hair atleast) wouldn’t do this because their hair isn’t wildly dripping all over their fresh clothes.
    * Wedgies suck, no matter what your gender
    * Yeah, alright this is true. But men worry about their performance
    * I have never used a bottle opener.
    * No, just no. Carrying shit in my hands actually annoys me.
    * I happen to love my breasts. Also my downstairs area is a good friend of mine. We just don’t feel the need to tell everyone in the world about it, or be proud of it like men are.
    * If I’m wearing jeans you can beat I’m spread-eagle with them. It’s more comfortable, plus I get more space.
    * Yeah women care.
    * Nah usually my pants are first. I don’t care if someone walks in on me topless.
    * I have fallen asleep on multiple occasions after a bedroom tryst.
    I also love The Bex’s answer for that last one ;P work harder and we wont feel the need to talk to you after.
    As a women who is really really lax about chick jokes, this did not amuse me at all. L2humor


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