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10 Myths About Fast Food.

10 Myths About Fast Food
10 Myths About Fast Food
1. KFC Is Not Really Chicken:

One myth about fast food concerns Kentucky Fried Chicken, which changed the name to KFC instead. The myth states that the name change was due to no chickens being used. According to this myth, instead of normal chickens mutant animals with abnormally large breasts and no beaks are kept in a tube while growing and then harvested. The name was actually changed to eliminate the word fried, which is considered unhealthy.

2. McDonalds Uses Embalming Fluid in the Food:
One weird and disturbing fast food myth is that fast food giant McDonalds uses embalming fluid. According to the myth this fluid is used by the restaurant to preserve the food served so that there is less waste and the food does not spoil. This is untrue, and this restaurant is the most wasteful when it comes to discarding food.

3. A Pass from the Health Department Means Safe Food:
A common myth many believe is that if a fast food joint passes inspection and gets an A grade from the Health Department the food is safe to eat. Unfortunately many places involved in food poisoning epidemics have passed every inspection. Health inspections are no guarantee of cleanliness or food quality and safety.

4. Fast Food Is Always Unhealthy Food:
A big myth is that fast food is always unhealthy. The choices you make at a restaurant can determine whether you eat healthy or not. There are a number of foods you can choose at a fast food place that are healthier than many foods from the grocery store.

5. Salads Are Always A Healthy Choice:
This fast food myth can be harmful, because not all salads are created equal. This myth allows you to eat high fat and high salt foods and consider it healthy. Most of the time salads are a healthier alternative to greasy burgers and fries, but not always. Look at the salt, carb, and fat information to determine if any food choice is healthy.

6. McDonalds Uses Alternative Meat Sources:
There are several varieties of this myth. Some say that this fast food giant uses crushed worms as filler, while other versions use kangaroo meat as the alternative source. Both of these are false, and the fast food chain owns beef farms to provide the meat needed.
7. McDonalds Adds Addictive Chemicals to Their Food:
Many fast food myths concern McDonalds. One of these myths is that the restaurant adds addictive chemicals to the food, so that patrons will come back and spend more money. Some foods do have addictive elements, but they are natural. This includes the caffeine naturally found in tea and coffee.

8. Fast Food Is Sanitary:
This myth is commonly believed, and it is false. Many fast food restaurants have drive thru windows which open, and insects can enter the kitchen area and come in contact with the food being prepared. In addition, food workers usually talk while preparing food, which can mean saliva droplets that land on the food.

9. Fast Food Makes You Fat:
Lately there has been a link reported between fast food and obesity, and this has led to the myth that fast food will make you fat. What you eat and the amount of exercise you get, as well as your natural metabolic rate, will determine whether you gain, lose, or maintain weight. Smart choices can be made anywhere, at home or a fast food place.

10. War Does Not Occur Between Countries That Have a McDonalds:
This common fast food myth makes the assumption that a country will be less likely to war with another country if both have a McDonalds located there. These fast food restaurants are common, and located in a large number of countries around the world. Leaders do not take this factor into consideration, and there have been countries at war in the world who had franchises located here.


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