Friday, December 4, 2020


Giant Spiders Invade Outback Town.

Bowen, Australia, a town about 700 miles from Brisbane, is seeing in influx of eastern tarantulas, also known as “bird-eating spiders”. Dozens of spiders have crawled out of gardens and have made their way into public areas of the town.

Mothers Day Logos Over the Years from Google.

But for their first year, Google has been changing its home page logo every Mother's Day in a tribute to mothers everywhere. And although the images for the years 2000 and 2001 don't look very different, take a closer look (images below) and you'll find a small but interesting distinction. We took this year's image from Google Australia, but you should see it on all of Google's sites.

Hungry Python .. swallowing a kangaroo!!

A python in Australia has been filmed trying to swallow whole what looks like a wallaby — a small or medium-sized kangaroo.
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The Celebrities Who Are Cleaning Their Own Homes In Lockdown

During the current coronavirus crisis, sales of cleaning products have doubled as we become more stringent about cleaning. It’s not just the everyday public who have been scrubbing their homes though - lockdown has meant that celebrities all over the world have been doing their own cleaning. Nicole Sherzinger posted pictures of herself mopping the floor, Victoria Beckham has become obsessed with the dishwasher, and even Joan Collins appeared in Hello! polishing the windows. This may not have been out of choice, but we do appreciate seeing them on social media, sharing their cleaning struggles.
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Green Your Ride: Should You Buy An Electric Vehicle?

Photo by Andrew Roberts on Unsplash By Lucy Yardley If you worry about the effect of...

Celebrities Utilizing Psychics In All Aspects Of Their Lives

22% of Americans have consulted a psychic or medium, according to You Gov. While they might not be overly popular with the general public, there’s one group of individuals that turn to psychics in their droves: celebrities. George Clooney, Khloe Kardashian, Brad Pitt and Jenny McCarthy are just a few famous faces who have confessed to seeing a psychic. But just how do celebrities benefit from psychics in a way that others don’t?

Meditation vs Panic Attacks: Guess Which One Wins?

Photo by Mitchell Griest on Unsplash By Lucy Yardley Anxiety and depression are officially...

A train journey and two names to remember

A train journey and two names to remember By Leena Sarma Of two co-travellers...