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Exotic clocks and watches.

Exotic clocks and watches

“Time does not exist. Clocks exist.” – wall graffiti

Today we look at various clocks, watches and means to tell the time, a fleeting continuum that is otherwise invisible and even irrelevant, especially when considered as a disappearing line between absolute concepts of “past” and “future”.

The Horological Machine - called pure watchporn. We agree.
The Horological Machine – called pure watchporn. We agree.

The Horological Machineinfo – called pure watchporn. We agree.

Somebody said that a “miracle” is nothing but a time compressed – a fast forward, or even skip button around the normal flow of things. Even without considering miracles, we seem obsessed with measuring time (perhaps to reassure ourselves in the world’s normality?) – as it swirls around us in glittering fractal spirals, constantly teetering on the brink of eternity, yet never quite falling into it. (more…)

Coolest Clocks

Coolest Clocks

Fruit-Powered Clock
Fruit-Powered Clock

A digital clock and calendar powered by food! The Fruit-powered Clock ($15.99) combines micro-electronic technology with the natural electrical potential of a fresh fruit or vegetable. The clock uses the original scientific principles on which all modern electrical storage batteries are based. Just add a fresh orange, apple, lemon, lime, pear, banana, or any another convenient fruit or vegetable to the supplied components in this kit and you have the perfect synthesis of nature’s own electrical power resource and the accuracy of a digital clock.



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