Reasons to Recycle.

Reasons to Recycle.

Try to guess what the following images are.
426,000 cell phones discarded daily.
200,000 cigarette packs, the same number of Americans who die every six months due to smoking.
Set-up of thousands of small pictures, showing the traces of 11,000 planes, the number of commercial flights taking place in the U.S. every 8 hours.
1 million of plastic cups trashed every six hours in commercial flights.
60,000 plastic bags, discarded every 5 seconds.

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The Woman Who Moved Her House Brick by Brick.

The Woman Who Moved Her House Brick by Brick

In 1947, after the love of her life passed away unexpectedly, May Alice Savidge bought a house to restore.

A few years later, she was told by the town council that her house was to be destroyed to make way for a road. Needless to say, May didn’t take that lying down: she fought the town … and lost. But Savidge never gave up:

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10 Uncanny Ultramodern Homes

10 Uncanny Ultramodern Homes

Uncanny Ultramodern Homes

Many designers must content themselves with imagining and drawing things that may never be built – very few can realize ultramodern home visions in the real world. Like a blast from the future, these ten architects have brought to life incredible houses that most of us could not even dream of – let alone afford.

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