The World's Weirdest Festivals

Garlic Festival

Garlic Festival

Gilroy, California — July

It started with a true visionary: Dr. Rudy Melone, a college president, was shocked to learn that a small French town considered itself the Garlic Capital of the World. His dream was to prove to the world that Gilroy, an even smaller California village, should hold that honor.

Behold the largest event in the world featuring everything garlic. Garlic soup, garlic pie, garlic kebabs, and garlic sandwiches await brave souls for whom halitosis is not an issue. Musicians sing odes to garlic while artists sell their garlic masterpieces. It’s a truly unique and pungent event.

Best feature: The “Garlic Festival Queen Pageant” crowns the loveliest garlic waif, the wet dream of all Gilroy guys. Just don’t kiss her.

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5 Most Popular Honeymoon Spots in the World.

Your vows were exchanged, the bouquet was tossed, the wedding cake was shoved into your mouth and the eco-friendly bubbles were blown in place of the traditional rice throwing. Weddings are a whirlwind experience, and just making it through the whole experience in one piece is an accomplishment. Planning the big event typically starts a year out, but many brides have ideas in mind before “the question” is even popped. After dealing with testy wedding planners, unreliable caterers, family members in town and trying to fit into that dress or tuxedo, a honeymoon is a welcome getaway from what’s bound to be one of the most stressful events in your life.

It's your honeymoon, so carry your wife around the beach if you desire.

There’s really no such thing as a typical honeymoon these days. Honeymooners come in all stripes, and just because it’s your first trip as a married couple doesn’t mean you have to be secluded on a tropical beach with a heart-shaped bed in your suite and champagne bubble baths every night. The modern traveler craves adventure and excitement as well, so it’s no surprise that 72 percent of honeymooners pay for extras like helicopter rides, scuba diving and other thrilling excursions, according to the popular wedding Web site, Honeymoons aren’t cheap either. After plunking down an average of $28,000 for the big day, new couples spent an average of $3,400 in 2006 for a one-week trip [source: Forbes]. Modern Brides magazine polls 6,000 travel agents each year to compile their list of most popular honeymoon destinations. We’ll run down the top five of 2008 on the following pages.

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World's Largest Chair

This is not Photoshopped — it’s an actual photograph of the world’s largest chair, in the piazza of Manzano, Italy, where it was dedicated. (Manzano is a city of chair makers.)

Photographer Rob Krause says, “They’re still working on the table.”

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