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Reasons to Recycle.

This is WASTE ART.

These pictures are part of the exhibit “Running the Numbers, an American Self Portait”, of photographer Chris Jordan, highlighting the millions of objects that accumulate in the planet, well beyond our sight.

The numbers mentioned were obtained from the quantities of waste discarded only in the United States.
Imagine what world figures are!

Environmental degradation is a cumulative effect of the actions each one of us takes… Therefore, the solution also lies within each one of us. Help our planet! Think before you use! Reduce, reuse, recycle…

GIA – Grupo de Impacto Ambiental.

Guess You might Not Know This!

  1. According to the wall street journal (USA), up to half of the couples asked admit that they commit “financial infidelity” – lying to their spouse about expenditure they made.
  2. By 2003, the number of people who lived together before marriage was a little over 70% as against 5% in the 1960’s.
  3. According to a recent study, people who talk on cell phones while driving are as impaired as drunk drivers, even when they use hands-free devices.
  4. The number of people with diabetes worldwide rose from about 30 million to over 230 million.
  5. The three richest men in the world are worth as much as the 40 most poorest countries of the world.
  6. Over the last eight year, at least 130,000 children have been kidnapped for sale, for sexual or labour exploitation or for the removal of their organs.
  7. During 2005, there occurred 28 full-fledged wars and eleven other minor armed conflicts, worldwide. (more…)

Release of the President and Vice President’s Tax Returns.

As another demonstration of the President’s commitment to openness and transparency, today the White House issued the following releases making the President and Vice President’s tax returns public:
For the President:
Office of the Press Secretary
April 15, 2009

President Obama
President Obama
President and First Lady Release 2008 Income Tax Returns

Today, the President released his 2008 federal income tax returns.  He and the First Lady filed their income tax returns jointly and reported an adjusted gross income of $2,656,902.  The vast majority of the family’s 2008 income is the proceeds from the sale of the President’s books.  The Obamas paid $855,323 in federal income tax.
The President and First Lady also reported donating $172,050 – or about 6.5% of their adjusted gross income – to 37 different charities.  The largest reported gifts to charity were $25,000 contributions to CARE and the United Negro College Fund.
The President and First Lady also released their Illinois income tax return and reported paying $77,883 in state income taxes.


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