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A Real GoldFish [Truly Unbelievable]

This is an amazing creation of the Creator. Gold Fish, which was found in the sea in Taiwan was put to display in Taiwan’s Natural Museum.

Scientists have found that some of the parts of this beautiful fish are of 24 carat pure gold. The fish entirely is golden in color.

A Real GoldFish [Truly Unbelievable]

A Real GoldFish (Truly Unbelievable)

A Real GoldFish [Truly Unbelievable]

A Real GoldFish (Truly Unbelievable)

A Real GoldFish [Truly Unbelievable]

A Real GoldFish (Truly Unbelievable)

A Real GoldFish [Truly Unbelievable]

A Real GoldFish (Truly Unbelievable)

23 thoughts on “A Real GoldFish [Truly Unbelievable]

  1. Twig Paline says:


  2. Twig Paline says:


  3. Mohammad Saleem says:

    Nothing is impossible in this world because there is one who has full control over everything in the heavens and earth and verily it is Allah SWT without any partner and supporter.

    “it is Allah the most merciful, gracious and compassionate who pleases to create whatever he wants, he is exalted in power and wisdom”…..!

    1. abu abu says:

      Allah does NOT exist!!!!

      1. Ret Johnson says:

        I know he does!

        1. Sarah Meilin says:

          Dude Ret, You should see a doctor!

          1. Why did he create us then, if he does exist? for fun?

  4. Rick says:

    In today’s world of Photoshop and the internet, it is very easy to immediately claim a photo fake just because it is amazing. There are still images out there that are real, however, don’t jump to conclusions because not everything is fake. Just search “not shopped images” or something close. You will find thousands of verified real pictures that you would never believe to be real at all!

  5. saayairie says:

    It’s kinda funny how it is completely gold. You’d expect to see some pink at the mouth area or something. Heh.

  6. arowanacare says:

    Geez, that’s quite spectacular. The gold is nice in a strange way.

  7. notmyname45 says:

    Wow this fish is really extrordinary also beautiful i belive this is a real gold fish and it is unbelivable that some parts are real gold truly awesome!!!

  8. }:{D Evil... says:

    wow… people acctualy think that that is real… that is so stupid… i dont believe at ALL that a fish can get that big!

  9. caraaa says:

    Okay, come on. It’s so obvious that that fish is fake.
    It seems to be in the same position every time, and a fish made of real gold? Really cute, for a kindergartener. Nice try, Chump.

  10. Phase says:

    Nice tricking… Those who knows a little bit of light refraction can’t be so naive to believe that. Look at the third picture and you can see for yourself.

  11. OguzHan says:

    Not enough information? Its beacuse its so rare, maybe this is the second one which is caught. Allah almighty

  12. john says:

    it can’t be real
    a gold fish can’t be so big
    its such a crap…..

  13. Elsje says:

    This can’t be real. It is impossible that the fish (if it was real) can have parts that is 24 carat gold. I have searched the wed and I can’t find any more information about his fish, not even on the Taiwan Natural Museum site.

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